How to Get Her to Get Along with Your Mom

If you have a mom who is strong headed, controlling and somewhat insane here are a few pointers when your woman steps into the picture. How to get her to get along with your mom takes some wrangling but, if done right, could save you years of hell if you end up marrying this babe. […]

6 Rude Halloween Costume Ideas

This Halloween get it together and be the talk of the party with one of these 6 Rude Halloween Costumes Ideas. Don’t wear a boring superhero, doctor or cop costume but instead make the most unusual, politically incorrect statement of “I Don’t Give a Shit”. It only comes once a year and if you spend […]

Sploshing: Cream Her Panties With Food Play

The sploshing fetish may not be as popular as the stocking and suspenders or foot fetish, but it is perfect for fun-loving couples who want to take sex to the extremes. Sploshing engages all of the senses. It’s not perfect sex, although it can feel that way as your inhibitions disappear and you’re slipping and […]

iPhone5: Is it All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

When Steve Jobs kicked, Apple had some big shoes to fill. Stockholders became jittery and the scramble to keep the cash cow going was thrust into full gear. The iPhone 4S hit the market shortly after and like wide eyed sheep the masses turned out with high expectations. Recently, in fact less than a year […]

Blinky Politics: How One Study Claims Election Prediction

Did you ever see or talk to someone that seems to blink more than usual? It may happen to you when a tight booty, big tittie sweetie saunters by and you blink like a cartoon character but some people do it for other reasons, namely nerves. Boston College psycho-physiologist Joseph Tecce studies political body language […]

Why She Might Be Mad At You

As a woman, I know that we are hard to read. Mostly because we don’t just fricking tell you what we WANT to say. For some reason we do this stupid guessing game thing and then get mad when you don’t even know what’s going on. Even I think its bullshit, yet I sometimes still […]

Dirty Sex: Share a Kiss Full of Cum

Sex can be as extreme as you want it to be. Golden showers, domination, BDSM, the list goes on. While the former three may or may not be classed as dirty sex, any form of foreplay including the use of seminal fluids could well be one of the top ten in the dirty sex category. […]

Fisting: Hiding the Silent Duck

If a baby can squeeze out of a tiny vagina what would stop people from shoving their fist up there. Not much. Fisting is the sexual act of having someone do just that to the vagina and for some, even to the rectum…whuh?! This act is said to be pleasurable as the walls of the […]

Cosmic Ordering: Can you Order A Perfect Partner?

I know that it might sound strange that you can cosmic order a partner, but it is true. Did you know that the orgasm houses creative energy, so if you can visualize your partner during masturbation and feel happy and content just as you reach climax, you’ve already planted the seed with God or the […]

3 EASY Recipes to Impress Your Family

Some men just don’t belong in the kitchen, that’s a fact. You may have tried before and had it end in a near fire situation or have never once had the urge to get in there and TRY to make a meal or snack. But sometimes life gets busy for your kids and wife and […]

How to Tell if She is a He

Nowadays even the ugliest ass can look like the finest ass. The right makeup, clothes, perfume, hair and just about anything else deceiving can easily be put into action to reel you in. That is why it is important to approach ‘strange’ with open eyes so you can know how to tell if she is […]

Pheromones: Find a Sexually Compatible Mate Without Artificial Fragrance

Human pheromones are odorless, but they are found in urine, perspiration, and sexual fluids. They are detected through the vomeronasal organ (VMO) located in the mouth and nose. This is why we can feel an animal attraction to some partners, and not others. There have been a number of studies conducted on natural pheromones. 19 […]

When It’s Time To Get A New Job

Well it’s true that no one likes their job, but what if you REALLY HATE IT? There are some of us who just get depressed at the thought of another Monday and going “back to the grind”. Sometimes there really is a difference between not enjoying work and truly loathing what you do for a […]

Raunchy Drink Recipes: Demand a Wild Ride

Having a get together with beer and wine is okay but why not spice up the night with some raunchy drink recipes. Send out an invite advertising a party featuring only these sexed up libations. They will excite the brain cells and have ‘em all laughing each time they order. It will surely be a […]

Why Women Love Facebook

Have you found yourself irritated with your spouse or girlfriend lately? Does she spend too much time on Facebook and the internet in general? Is it a big deal to her if you talk to her through Facebook and not just in person? Well there are very many different reasons your woman is addicted. Here […]

Butea Superba: Treat Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction

There will always be a vast number of male enhancement products that promise to increase penis size, enhance pleasure, prolong an erection and rid performance anxiety. Butea Superba is a herbal aphrodisiac that is proven to treat impotence and erectile dysfunction. A study proved that men were able to gain and maintain an erection more […]

Tips on How to Make Your Relationship Work Better

You may have played grueling sports, excelled in challenging business ventures, achieved some of the highest honors but when it comes to dating or living with a woman, this may be the hardest thing you have ever done yet. These tips on how to make your relationship work better just might be what you need […]

How to Survive Rough Financial Family Times without Fighting

The economy still seems just as bad as it was 5 years ago to most people in middle and lower classes and unfortunately no one for sure knows when this will end; there is no clear light at the end of the tunnel in sight. With that being said, the struggles that most families are […]

Get a Bigger Penis: Do Male Enhancement Techniques Work?

Studies have indicated that the average penis size is approximately 5.1 to 5.9 inches long, and anything larger is a plus! The best way to measure your penis size is when it’s erect. Measure from the base of the penis to the tip with a tape measure or ruler. To measure the circumference of your […]