Marijuana: Best Cooking Technique

Smoking weed is so 2010, now everyone is vaping and eating their brains into oblivion instead. Sure, a tasty rolled up spliff is a great old-school fallback but vaporizing and/or chowing down a green infused recipe gets you there cleaner, healthier and higher. Vaporizing is fairly easy but cooking takes some talent so lay down […]

How to Tell Her You Love Her

The big 3 words we all want to say but can never get out… I love you. It’s a scary and exciting moment. Some would say that a spur of the moment “I love you” is the best and most genuine but the fact is, when you say it when you feel it, it may […]

Joke It Up Part 1: Laugh It Off

Welcome to our first installment of ‘Joke it Up’. With everyone walking around pointing their political fingers at one another, losing their jobs, getting divorced and so many other bummer scenarios why not add a chuckle to your week. Some of these you may have heard, some maybe not, but either way hopefully they will […]

How to go About Your First Tattoo

So you’ve felt the itch have you? Not the bad itch that means you’ve been sticking it where you shouldn’t, but that itch you feel when you want a tattoo. Inking your body is a huge choice and is not for everyone. If you are new to the game and ready to move forward there […]

Junk Food: The Addiction Leading to Worldwide Obesity

Most of the “diet foods” appeal to women, but men need a little helping hand in that department. Junk food, or convenience foods, is the norm in such a crap food filled world. Society may tell us what to eat, that we should consume more protein than carbohydrates, but it’s not as easy to incorporate […]

What to Do if You are Served with Legal Docs

You are about to play hide the pipe with your woman and the doorbell rings. A person hands you papers, asks you your name and splits. Whether the rent is overdue, your ex-wife wants more money or your neighbor is busting your chops over an easement dispute, knowing what to do if you are served […]

How to Keep the Romance Going When You Work on the Road

There are so many men out there that have jobs that keep them away from their loved ones for long periods of time and very frequently. Whether you’re a truck driver or just travel a lot for your business, you know how stressful it can be to keep a strong relationship. There are many things […]

Quickie Sex: Ways to Bang with Limited Time

Sometimes quickie sex is all you need to boost the immune system, blow out the gaskets and ride that high endorphin rush throughout the day or night. It is a great way to get a fast bang in without the movie, dinner, obligatory conversation and hour long clitoral foreplay. Try some of these quickie sex […]

Women To Avoid: The 5 Types of Women Who Use and Abuse

Women often scavenge for male prey together, and they are picky. The majority of women seek out good looks, manners, confidence, good dress sense, and money in a man, but if you’re one step ahead of the game, you will notice the women to avoid. And if you’re a player, it doesn’t mean that you […]

Tips on Managing Your Checkbook

Your checkbook may look like your ninth grade social studies notes complete with scratched out, erased to a hole notations; doodles of female anatomy; and maybe your favorite team logo. Or, it may look like pristine penmanship that would make your mom and third grade teacher proud. Either way, these tips on managing your checkbook […]

The Squirting Dildo: Explore Dirty Sex Together

There are some amazing sex toys available for couples. Now, while the squirting dildo may not the first thing that comes to mind to stick up your bum, as it’s 8-inches, it is an effective weapon to fuck a woman with. The great thing about the squirting dildo is that it has a hole at […]

How to Write the Perfect Cover Letter

It is annoying enough putting together a resume but when you are asked for a cover letter it can really throw a wrench in your job search. Not many people pride themselves on their writing skills but how to write the perfect cover letter is fairly easy once you get the hang of it. Cover […]

Her Sexual Mind: Turn Her On With The Right Foreplay

If you know how to turn on a woman, you can easily turn her into putty in your hands. She’ll be at your command if you know how to push her buttons. Knowing how to tease her sexual mind into action is the main aim of the game. Unfortunately, women are not born with a […]

Crime: How Weather Can Turn It Up a Notch

There are many factors involved in the statistics of crime related scenarios. The economical downfall, for instance, has considerably affected crime as a result of sheer desperation. Occupy Wall Street, the Arab Spring and austerity measures brought upon already struggling families has pushed many people over the edge. If it weren’t for the ‘dumbing down’ […]

What Makes You Horny?

What makes you horny? Many factors weigh in regarding likes and dislikes including weather, temperature, smell, texture, childhood and more. Investigating these unique ‘triggers’ could open up a whole new world of uninhibited sexual encounters. Rain If you do not need to hunt down some prime tail on a rainy day you may be in […]

Get Even: The Best Way to Dump a Cheating Minx

If you have just discovered that your girlfriend has been cheating on you, it’s time to get even and play games with her head. Instead of throwing her out and calling her the usual words, why not keep quiet and give her a leaving present in the way of an explosive orgasm. I know this […]

4-Minute Workout: Build Lean Muscle Mass With The Tabata Protocol

There is the belief that weight training is the best way to build lean muscle mass, but this is a myth. Plyometric training, which incorporates jump movements into body weight training exercises, is an effective way to build lean muscle mass, as is high intensity interval training (HIIT). Tabata Intervals, aka the 4-minute workout, are […]

Weight Loss: The Importance of Breakfast

If you are searching for an easy way to long term weight loss, or striving to maintain lean muscle mass, it is paramount to eat regularly. Do not scrimp on calories with breakfast, but eat a healthy meal containing a minimum 500 calories. Breakfast could include fruit, cereal with yoghurt or milk, a muffin or […]

Female Memory: A Danger to Contend With

Most men have experienced (usually many times over) ugly detailed images and words they have been responsible for replayed back to them during a spat with their woman. It seems that female memory is like a continuously loaded bazooka ready to fire at any sign of losing a battle. You could simply challenge her on […]

Some Amazing And Easy Football Snack Recipes For Men

Long Sundays full of beer and football are great, but a man needs some tasty treats to fill up on while he’s at it. Sometimes a bowl full of party mix and a few pizza slices just doesn’t cut it. Men want a snack that pops, fills you up, but doesn’t cash you out; nothing […]