Odd Sexual Preferences

Fetishes seem to be in the back or forefront of many men’s minds but going beyond such behavior can take it from a fetish into an odd sexual preference. It is not the juvenile, misogynistic (hater of women) scenarios that demoralize and/or dehumanize women these preferences delve into the deep psyche of the user. If […]

4 Moves That Seem Romantic, But Aren’t!

There are so many cheesy ass movies out there nowadays. Romantic comedies have given a bad name to true romance and unfortunately although women may think something seems cute in a movie or on paper; it rarely translates in real life. Trying to find the perfect mix of subtle romance and over doing it is […]

Tips For Shy Guys: 3 Tips on Winning Her Affection

Confident men have one thing in common with women. They have no insecurities about approaching women, as they know they are sexy, and they can tell a woman what she wants to hear. Approaching a woman can be intimating for a shy guy, but this article provides 3 tips for shy guys on how to […]

Open Relationships: Can They Heal A Partnership?

There are many types of marriage and relationships. An open relationship is not new, but it can deepen a bond between two sexually open minded partners. No longer do two people need to stay monogamous toward one another to succeed when an open relationship can provide so much fun without complications. With the influx of […]

How to Stop Your Woman from Talking

Many women cannot stop themselves from talking. They are able to go on, incessantly, about the most mundane or useless subjects with hardly taking a breath. If you are fortunate to have found a woman who uses few words and gives you a lot of sex you are probably dead, otherwise learn how to stop […]

Steamy Shower Sex: 5 Ways to Turn up the Heat

Having steamy shower sex is wonderfully intimate. However, it could create problems if your partner is shy about showing off her body, or allowing you to see her without makeup. Either she’ll make excuses about how her eyeliner will be draining down her cheeks, or she’ll be a natural beauty who realizes that sexiness is […]

Chat Up Lines: 5 Ways To Make a Great First Impression

Cheesy chat up lines can create laughter in some women, but they can be a waste of time on women who are seeking more of an effort.  If you have your eye on a sexy girl in a club and friends surround her, steer clear until she is on her own. She may already have […]

The Future of Porn: What is Here and What is Coming

It may have begun with some mild lingerie ads, then some black and white pics of women in their underwear; glossy photos with one nipple popping out; full on topless; full on nude; and then lessons in gynecology. Off the printed page, porn has found its way from hand-cranked movie reels to close-up, squirting, high […]

Hot Lover: The Gorgeous Model vs. The Plain Jane

Gorgeous women are worshiped not only because of how they look, but because they can create envy in others. How often have you wanted to be your friend with the trophy-bird on his arm? She might look good, but women who require such worship can be boring in bed. My partner’s first wife was a […]

Facesitting: Get Under the Hood

Some men cannot get enough pussy to eat. They seek it out like a calculated mission. If you are the insatiable type with a penchant for hours of giving oral pleasure then facesitting may be for you. It involves both inputs delicately dropped down and/or roughly grinded into your waiting face. Here is a taste […]

Male Performance Anxiety: Don’t Be Impotent- Be Impressive!

It’s a terrifying thing- trying to please a woman. The thoughts that lurk in the dark shadows of your head fill you with doubt; ‘Am I good enough’, ‘Am I big enough’, ‘Am I going to cum too fast’, ‘How many other men has she been with’, and the list goes on. For some men, […]

Titty Slapping: A New Kink

Just when you thought kinky couldn’t get any kinkier, titty slapping seems to have emerged out of the dark S&M basements and into mainstream bedrooms. There are many ways to titty slap as well as some alleged health benefits. Either way it can be quite stimulating for a woman to experience this kink along with […]

Toxic Relationship: 5 Tips on How to Survive One

The start of a relationship is fun, but some women have controlling traits. Obsessive. Bunny boiler. Psycho. Insecurities can create a behavior that she does not want to convey, but she does so anyway. When these traits transfer into a relationship, and she is so enthralled by you that she does not want to do […]

Top Old Stolen Cars of 2012

Every year the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) releases its list of stolen cars. It is estimated that in the United States alone a car is jacked every twenty-six seconds. Know what you are getting into if you own an older model that may be targeted for parts. Don’t come ambling back from an annoying […]

5 Movies That Will Turn Her On and Get You Off

Ever looking to find the perfect date that will have her loins burning and heart racing? If you’ve been trying to find a great way to easily and sneakily turn her on without her noticing, try and watch these sexy films with a bottle of wine and the lights dimmed down low. Sometimes all it […]

Satisfy A Woman: 10 Ways To Satisfy A Woman Away From The Bedroom

Women are difficult to impress. They have a different thought structure to men. What makes a woman irate can certainly make a man frown, but he may not understand why she experiences multiple personality changes. There are surefire ways to satisfy a woman. Here are 10 ways to satisfy a woman away from the bedroom. […]

Hot Sex: 4 Ways To Get Naughty at Work

Whether you work in finance or the stock trade, work will always dominate much of the day, as this is what you are paid to do. Sex, on the other hand, is the other sole dominator of the day. Most of the time, it may be easy to sweep your sexual urge under the carpet, […]

Meeting the Parents: How to Act like a Future Son-In-Law

So you have been banging your brains out with the same girl for a while now and the inevitable question is soon to arise, “When are you going to meet my parents?” Meeting the parents can be a real deal breaker. If you have been hanging from the rafters exchanging hot fluids the last thing […]

The One: 6 Tips To Discover If She’s Your Soulmate

Relationships can create happiness or misery, dependent upon whom you choose to date. There are so many dating websites promising that you will meet the one or your perfect soulmate, but it’s not as easy to find this perfect match. If your partner fills each of these traits, then she may be the one. Does […]

Habits Men Have That Women Hate

Women cry easily, get moody, text and call too much, get jealous, cuddle too long, and generally irritate you when they are around their girlfriends; but there are some things that women hate just as much in you as you do in them. Sometimes the things you enjoy the most are what annoy her the most. […]