Is Marriage Becoming a Thing of the Past?

The Pew Research Center published a study as quoted in Time magazine by writer Belinda Luscombe, that stated approximately 40% of Americans feel that “marriage is obsolete” and unnecessary for “sex or companionship or professional success or respect or even children”. You may be surrounded by friends who keep biting the bullet but there could […]

Tips on How to Travel with a Woman

The best test for a relationship is to plan and go on a trip together. You may be used to an easy going trek with your buds but when it comes to hitting the road with a woman all the rules (and some of the fun) go out the window. Prepare yourself with these tips […]

Rebound Sex: Why It’s Not Always A Positive Way To Heal Heartbreak

If she has broken your heart, there may be the urge to have sex on the rebound. A breakup is difficult to endure, but having rebound sex is not always the best option, only a distraction from the real issue—heartbreak. Having a casual fling is always an option, especially if you are feeling depressed and […]

Monster-In-Law to Mother-In-Law

Ah… the dreaded in-laws. Most men throughout history have had a hard time winning over the people in their girlfriends or wives lives. Trying to ensure that the family of your spouse trusts you with her life and really sees you as a good pair can be a huge challenge and some men never fully […]

The Law of Attraction: Can It Magnetize A Soul Mate?

The New Age book, The Secret, disclosed one particular law that can draw anything into your life—The Law of Attraction. The author claims that by thinking positively, and believing you have already achieved the said thing, you will automatically receive whatever it is that you want or hope for. Is it possible to attract a […]

How to Make a Woman Smile

A Swedish study found that people, especially women, have a difficult time not smiling when flashed a genuine, non-phony, pearly white grin. So why is it so difficult to learn how to make a woman smile? There are many reasons but it mostly comes down to armor. Generally speaking, women are continually bombarded by overcompensating, […]

Impress Your Boss

Feeling like your boss doesn’t care for you or your work ethics is something that can not only be stressful but a huge burden on your work environment day in and day out. Finding ways to help your boss like you a little more can ease some tension and make going to work a lot […]

Al Fresco Sex: The Thrill of Lovemaking in the Outdoors

Sex is a wonderful art. Many couples make love in the bedroom, while spontaneous couples enjoy al fresco sex. There is nothing wrong with either, but a healthy sex life contains a bit of both. Life is too short to wonder about what other people think. The fears about al fresco sex, or deciding where […]

A Woody Allen Primer

If you aren’t familiar with Woody Allen, which you probably should by at this point, here is a quick guide to the man behind some of the best movies of all time.  Think of it as a Woody Allen primer.  Most people who like him, like him A LOT.  But most people who hate him, […]

Make Pizza at Home: It’s Better

Alright, you can run to the store and get a large pizza for maybe five bucks.  Congrats.  You’ll get fat and feel like garbage.  No one likes that, right?  You want to eat some quality food that you can enjoy.  If you cook it yourself, then it can be something that you’re proud of.  Why […]

How to Have Car Wash Sex

There is something about the feeling you get when you are in your car going through a car wash. It is as if you are in a cone of silence, blotting out the rest of the world, surrounded by blurred soapy splashes and the rumbling, rolling jostle of rotating brushes. In the end, a giant […]

3 Of The Top Superfoods To Make You Feel Superhuman

We’re all looking for ways to make ourselves look and feel better. Lately in the media with shows like The Doctors and Doctor Oz there has been a lot of talk about “Superfoods”. These foods are daily treatments we can take to boost our physical health, prevent diseases, and just to overall look and feel […]

Strap-on Sex: Am I Homosexual?

Some men are more curious than others. The talk of strap-on sex can make some men cringe, as society often links the use of such a tool to feelings of homosexuality, but open-minded men may have a very sensitive g-spot and enjoy experimenting in this area. So if you are heterosexual and fantasize about strap-on […]

Can I Do Better? – 4 Ways To Control The Ego

During any relationship, the selfish question of “Can I do better” may pop up out of the ordinary. What can you do if you know you are happy with her, yet there are niggling doubts lurking beneath? Listen to the heart. The head (or ego mind) is always out to cause trouble. It has a […]

Elitists: Are they So Bad? Are You One?

America has become the most polarized it has been since the Civil War. The news and its political pundits have taken advantage of our current, fearful, economic upheaval. It is elitists that seem to have a target on their foreheads for being educated and wealthy. According to Peter Baker of the New York Times as […]

A Quick Guide to Social Networking

Are you lost on what social networking is, or what sites you need to be a part of?  That’s the case with tons of people, and that’s perfectly okay.  Here’s just a brief little guide to some of the major platforms for social networking, and we’ll let you decide which ones are essential to join–so […]

3 Main Steps To Improve Your Digestion

Having health problems will start to effect males quicker than they may realize. Your life sneaks up on you and suddenly you feel like an old man when you’re only 35. Taking early steps to improve your health includes having a clean and healthy digestive tract. Not only does healthy digestion make sure you absorb […]

The Dark Knight Rises: A Movie for Men

Obviously this week is all about The Dark Knight Rises which promises to be one of the best superhero movies of all time.  OF ALL TIME.  So why should you go out and see it?  Because it’s a movie for men.  I mean, it’s also a movie for women, children, old people, and maybe animals, […]

Friends With Benefits: 10 Rules For Success

A fuck buddy, or friends with benefits, is a great way to get regular sex without commitment, but it is important to set some rules beforehand, as there is no point continuing with the plan if one of you starts to develop romantic feeling for the other, and those feelings are not reciprocated. Get together […]

How To Choose A Gift For Her

When it comes to birthdays and Christmas, knowing how to choose a gift for her can be daunting. The usual thoughtless gifts are fragrance, jewelry and dinner at a restaurant, unless she is does love these items. Although she may smile at her prize, is she happy to receive the same type of gift year […]