Rim Job: Eat Ass or Be Eaten

A rim job a/k/a analingus is when you lick, suck and/or penetrate someone’s asshole with your tongue. The person getting rimmed can experience some of the most highly sensitive, tingling, mind-blowing feelings they have ever had. In addition to these feelings there is also the emotion of being involved in a dirty, slutty, taboo act […]

How To Decipher Between Cockiness and Confidence

In the time of “SWAG” and “SWAGGER” we are creating some highly unlovable males. The worst part is, most of the men doing these things don’t even know how wrong it is because the media tells them it’s okay. Women are getting very fed up with the cockiness of our generations and finding a man […]

Sex On The Menstrual Cycle

Did you know that she is most likely to pounce on you when she’s menstruating? This is because her hormone levels constantly change throughout the monthly cycle. Days 1 to 7 cause far less vaginal lubrication, so it’s important to use foreplay to get her in the mood. However, having sex on the menstrual cycle […]

Summer Style For Men

Summer is under way and we don’t need to tell you how to dress.  On the other hand, you probably want us to.  Fair enough.  We’ve got some sick tips for staying cool in the warm, warm summer nights that will surely find you making out on a beach or blowing some dank grass.  Just […]

Sandusky: Gets it in the Ass, 45x

It looks like Jerry Sandusky is going to feel the wrath of his actions following a guilty verdict of 45 out of 48 counts of child sexual abuse. He faces up to sixty years in prison which, at sixty-eight years old, means a life sentence. His Reaction The former Penn State assistant coach has walked […]

Vajazzle: The New Pussy Parade

There is a new female trend that you may soon run into on one of your many cunninlingus adventures. It is vajazzle, the act of applying shiny jewels and glitter to the vagina area for an aesthetic addition to the already mesmerizing view of the female genitalia. Swarovski crystals and other various glittery trinkets are […]

How To Get Better Rates On Your Auto Insurance

In today’s struggling economy, pinching pennies and living frugally is a must for most people. Finding ways to save money is becoming a necessity more and more and cheap car insurance is something not everyone thinks about but it can end up saving you up to hundreds of dollars per month if done correctly. Here’s […]

The Positives and Negatives of We Vibe 3

There are a wide variety of sex toys, but far fewer for couples. The We Vibe 3 is a toy suitable for couples. It comes complete with a charger and remote control, and each charge lasts approximately two hours, although it would also depend on the choice of vibration, as some are more intense than […]

Watch NBC This Fall: Shows Near The End

You like comedy, we like comedy, and the world likes comedy.  There is arguably no better place to watch fantastic comedy than NBC, which is bringing back all your favorite shows this fall.  In an effort to save some of them from immanent cancellation, you need to watch them when they premier in the fall.  […]

Role Play: Be Someone Else in Bed

When it comes to bedroom antics, turning it up a notch can put your relationship onto a whole new level. Opening up your sexually creative mind and entertaining some role play scenarios is not only fun but can be a very hot experience. Preparation It may take some doing to convince yourself or your woman […]

The Power of Sexual Energy

Did you know you can use your sexual energy to enhance your creativity? Jacking off to porn on a daily basis is a waste of vital life energy, and the body is brimming with creative energy. The power of sexual energy is abundant, and if used in a wise way it can enhance energy levels. […]

OCD: Do You Have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

Do you count how many green cars you pass on the way to work? Are you constantly concerned whether you left the stove on when you leave your home and go back to check several times? Is it important to continually wash your hands? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these you may be […]

How To Entice Her Into A Threesome

This is a lifelong fantasy of many men, and why porn sells so well, but if you are curious on how to entice her into a threesome, read on for some top tips. When you mention a threesome, she may want to experience the feeling of four male hands caressing her body, rather than see […]

3 Freshest Drinks of Summertime: Be Healthy AND Happy

Summer is a great time to ditch the caffeinated drinks like soda and coffee and indulge in a healthier option. Drinking sugary drinks in the summer can leave you feeling dehydrated, bogged down, and slower than usual. If you want to keep your figure, lose a few pounds, or just cleanse your body of those […]

5 Ways To Get A Second Date

So you want a second date.  Those can be very difficult.  First dates are hard enough, since you need to go up and get someone’s number and then call them and ask them out.  Unless you got set up on a date.  If that’s the case then you need to work extra hard for that […]

Throw A Frugal Kick Ass BBQ- Tips For Hosts On a Budget

Everyone likes to entertain now and then. We all like to feel special, invite some friends over, and impress everyone with our grill skills. But how do you throw a kick ass BBQ party with limited funds? It can seem daunting and you may want to just forget about it all together but there are […]

Surviving a Breakup

Man, I’m sorry to hear about it.  She was probably a bitch anyway.  Oh don’t talk about her like that?  Sorry, my bad. So you’re broken up?  It’s a bummer.  We’ve all been there, and it’s never fun.  If you’re on the receiving end of it here then you probably need the advice.  It you’re […]

Breasts: Fondle, Suck, Nibble and Tease

When most men see a pair of naked women’s breasts their penis immediately begins to grow. Yes, sometimes even gay men react this way. It is innate, we are wired to ogle the many happy funbags that jiggle, bounce and pop into our path every day. However, when we get in bed with our woman […]

How to Get the Perfect Handjob

Having had years of experience greasing up your pole definitely makes you an expert on how to get the perfect handjob. Only you know the exact method that makes you blast off which is unique and special in and of itself. Although plunging into your woman and taking a tight, wet horizontal ride or having […]

5 Tips To Wow Her During Foreplay

Foreplay can be an enjoyable as sex, if you are both adventurous. Foreplay does not always have to involve massage either, as a massage could make her fall asleep rather than keep her aroused and awake. If you plan to massage her, at least dribble a little oil over her genitals. Here are 5 tips […]