5 Ways To Experience Insane Chemistry

There are hundreds of online dating websites today catering toward every type of person from spiritual, religious, highly sexual, bizarre, or fetishistic, and each aims to provide you with a partner whom you share chemistry with. However, this does not happen to everyone, so here are 5 ways to experience insane chemistry with your perfect […]

What to Do When Your Woman is a Flirt?

She batted those eyelashes and flashed those pearly whites and you took the bait: hook, line and sinker. Well ‘sink-her’ is what you may feel like doing now that you realize what she is. However, she fucks like no other and you may be in love, but how do you know what to do when […]

Ways To Increase Metabolism Naturally

Every activity that you carry out daily can affect your metabolism. If your aim is to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight, then it is important to know about the easy ways to increase metabolism. Increase The Amount You Eat: This does not mean increasing your caloric intake, but you will notice when you […]

Revenge Sex: Plot the Perfect Plan

Finding out that your woman has been getting a little something, something on the side can make a guy insane. However, before you find the guy banging your chick and slice off his ear, you may want to avoid jail time and bang his sister, or his mother or your woman’s best friend. Either way […]

Women and Sports: Get Her Into Sports Or Off Your Back!

Tis the season… for sports that is. Hockey play-offs, NBA play-offs, baseball, golf, and so many other various sports that you just want to watch, or be a part of during the spring and summer months. But what if you have a nagging girlfriend or wifey who makes the simple joys in life a pain […]

6 Polo Shirt Brands Worth Buying

The polo shirt is one of the most versatile items in a dude’s closet.  It’s between formal and informal, works with a suit or a pair shorts.  Shit, these are your dream digs.  But everyone knows this—it’s one of the simple facts of life.  So why bring this up?  Well because summer is on the […]

Use Spontaneity To Your Advantage

The normal life is based on routine and not spontaneity. You awaken, have sex (if you’re lucky), breakfast, off to work, arrive home, eat tea, late night lovemaking, and then its snooze time again. Is there no escaping routine? There is a great way you can break up the day and that’s to invoke your […]

4 Worst People To Get Relationship Advice From

There comes a time in your life when you’ll need to turn outside of the relationship you’re in for some good old fashioned advice from another. When these moments come, you’ll want to choose wisely the people you rely on for solid and unbiased advice. Picking the wrong people can get you into a lot […]

Manly Hobbies

Men aren’t men unless they are well rounded.  It’s one of the key pillars of manliness.  So we’ve got the obvious ones out of the way: family life, a career, friendship and so on.  Which leaves us with what?  Hobbies, man, hobbies!  You need to have something that you do that’s an outlet for whatever […]

How to Measure your Penis

Knowing how to measure your penis could be a fun conversation starter. It could also make you want to change the subject. Rest assured, every vagina is adaptable to your beans and mash. Results of a 2001 study out of the University of Texas Pan-American Psychology Department found that, “Women reported that penis width was […]

Giving Her Oral Sex

Sometimes there is nothing more satisfying than giving her oral sex. If performed correctly, she should respond with face gyrations and high pitched yelping that could have someone within earshot calling the ASPCA. If performed incorrectly, she will lie there wishing she had placed the remote closer, so she could watch Dancing with the Stars, […]

TV Comedies to Watch This Summer

So maybe your favorite digs are closing shop for the summer because their season is done.  If you’re a geek for Parks and Rec, The Office, Community, or 30 Rock this is definitely a rough patch for you.  What’s your game plan for the summer?  If you don’t have one, then let me lay a […]

St John’s Wort and Horny Goat Weed

Depression can happen to anyone and it’s especially noticeable if it affects your sex drive. The common ways to treat depression and low libido is to use anti-depressants, which supply the body with Serotonin. St John’s Wort and Horny Goat Weed are natural herbs that treat depression while also improving the libido. Benefits of St […]

Do Women Really Care About Your Money?: The Extremes and the In-Betweens

The age old question surrounding women and money isn’t one that is easily settled even today. When it comes to women and men’s money there is no definitive answer, and never will be. Just like most everything else we discuss, women are split on the subject and have various viewpoints about the answer. Two groups […]

Boehner: He’s got a Boner for the Poor

House Speaker John Boehner is once again flexing his party muscles. He is demanding that the Democrats cut food stamps and various social programs to fuel the budget for the Pentagon military machine. If rejected he will have no choice but to unleash his long-toothed caucus on next year’s debt ceiling election with strict orders […]

How To Train For A Triathlon

You have decided to brave it out in a Triathlon event, but it requires so much more mental strength than a marathon. Here is how to train for a triathlon. Firstly, you must decide on what distance you want to cover. Triathlon Event: Super Sprint. Distance: 400 m Swim, 10 km Cycle, 5 km Run. About: This […]

Can You Really Get Fit with 2 Minute Workouts?

Tony Bahu is the author and creator of 2MinuteFitness.com, which is a fitness program designed to get you burning fat fast. His revolutionary fitness program is all about living a fitness lifestyle without the headaches of long, time consuming workouts in the gym. Tony stumbled upon this method of fitness by accident and has created […]

How To Give Her Oral Sex

Oral sex, cunnilingus, or ‘eating out’ is one of the most common fears men have when it comes to pleasing their women. You may not want to do it, you may be SCARED to do it, or you just may flat out not know how to do it; either way, it must be done. Oral […]

Best Cities for Hip Working Professionals

Young men are graduating college at an exciting and alarming rate which makes it difficult to siphon them off into areas where jobs are needed.  Young men are constantly looking for a new and exciting place to live that’s fertile with jobs, women, bars and all around good times.  Opportunities, albeit in a recession era, […]

Ways To Save Your Marriage

Marriage is an evolving, morphing animal that never remains as you intended. Bodies change, minds change, finances change, sexual desires change and what one thought of as the perfect nest, the other could be thinking something totally different. Then, if and when kids are thrown into the mix, a whole new spectrum of challenges can […]