Tantric Sex: Connect and Hang On

Most men look forward to the final minutes of sex. The sweaty, thrusting and pumping scenario that brings on a guttural, knee weakening release. Unfortunately, the woman is often left unsatisfied with approximately 60% faking orgasm according to a doctoral study by Temple University student Erin Cooper. Because the female mind and body is way […]

Handling In-Laws You Can’t Stand

She’s a saint and you lie next to her each night thinking how lucky you are to have found such a perfect mate. Then you think about her know-it-all brother, her noisy uncle, her overbearing mother, the drunken aunt who insists on rubbing her moustache on you when you kiss hello and so on and […]

Travel Tips: Making it Suck Less

The world has gotten smaller and travel has gotten more annoying. Whether you are flying, driving or railing being aware of some simple travel tips can make your trek that much less of a pain in the ass. Pack for Loss Baggage is lost every day and many bags are never recovered. If you need […]

How to Pull Off a Threesome

If you want to spice up bedroom play, adding another member to the action can be a real mind blast. How to pull off a threesome requires planning, patience and most importantly, an open mind. Whether it is two women and you or you, a bud and an insatiable lady, experiencing a ménage a trios […]

3 Pet Peeves about Women

Women are an unpredictable lot. In fact, renowned scientist Stephen Hawking who has theorized and solved some of the most puzzling scientific questions known to man recently confessed that women are the most baffling species, “They are a complete mystery to me.” he is quoted as saying. So by all means men can easily list […]

Top 5 Skills that Impress Women

Possessing talents that can get a woman to respond in more ways than one is essential when looking for some bang-time or a future mate. These top 5 skills that impress women are a good start to be able to lure them your way. Before you know it all her friends will be batting their […]

What is Arab Spring?

It seems as though every day we are waking up to crazy shit going down in the Middle East. Recently, beyond skirmishes and random suicide bombers, enormous waves of banned together citizens have risen up against dictatorial regimes. This has been called, Arab Spring a/k/a Arab Awakening. Can anyone say, American Revolution? Inception It is […]

3 Habits Bosses Love

When it comes to 3 habits bosses love it is not that hard to decipher. All it takes is tucking away your overblown ego and learning how to become a team player. Sure, we all want to excel and make more coin than the next guy; however, there is no way you are going to […]

Dating a Stripper

You stroll into a strip club for a bachelor party or “business dinner” and there you are again surrounded by some of the most beautiful bodies that don’t require a click of the mouse to make gyrate. They seem so nice and willing making you actually wonder if dating a stripper is actually possible. The […]

Tiger Woods: Is He Back?

It is hard to feel sorry for a guy that was doing chin-ups on his hard earned brass ring while turning his nose up at his fans and cheating on his wife like an animal. That said it doesn’t make up for the fact that he was a near flawless athlete who made magic happen […]