Mitt Romney: Love Him or Hate Him?

Once Herman Cain was cast aside Republicans and Conservatives could breathe a sigh of relief and start contemplating the remaining homogenized, pasty white bunch. It looks like one of the most buttoned up and now revealed richest (the Associate Press says, “Add up the wealth of the last 8 Presidents from Richard Nixon to Barrack […]

The Worst Habits to Ruin Your Appearance

You wake up, take a leak and look in the mirror. You look like shit. Then you get dressed, go to work, look around and realize you are dressed like shit. Basically your presentation is a big log of shit walking around assaulting everyone with your shittiness. Figuring out and repairing the worst habits that […]

Cooking to Impress and Undress

    Get her in your man cave and follow the recipe of cooking to impress and undress for a night to remember. Prepare a meal full of secret, wetness-inducing ingredients that will have her in the palm of your hand, purring like a cat. Libation Start off with a beverage to get her genital […]

Coping with Divorce

Whether it is you or your parents, coping with divorce takes a lot of personal strength. You can take up heavy drinking or become a drug addict to numb the pain but in due time you’ll find yourself rolled up in a fetal position wishing you had taken easier steps. With the divorce rate fluctuating […]

PIPA and SOPA – Anti Piracy or Anti Internet?

PIPA, the Protect IP Act sponsored by the Senate, and SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act sponsored by Congress, are closely related and can be considered as two different versions of the same anti piracy bill. Both bills have identical goals, which are for the most part to protect intellectual property from privacy, and provisions […]

The Best Habits to Improve Your Appearance

    Finding ways to make yourself more desirable can reap volumes of self-confidence, sexual attractiveness and overall success. Below are some of the best habits to improve your appearance. Start on the Inside A study published in the 2001 Journal of the American College of Nutrition cited that those who had a high intake […]

Sport Movies: We Give You The Top 3

  There are a slew of movies out there that are considered the best representation of the challenge and inspiration of organized sports. They have made us cheer and they have made us cry (without admitting we cried, blaming it on allergies) but all in all they are some of the best films worth taking the time […]

3 Killer Dates Men Love To Go On

  When it comes to dating, a man caters to a woman for the glory of getting into her pants. Therefore, he will put up with her nauseating friends and family, eat food he does not like, watch movies that put him to sleep and listen to music he would rather kill himself over all […]

How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

  It came and went and you are still wondering how to stick to your New Year’s resolutions. Like a dark cloud hanging over your every move, such a commitment can often be overwhelming resulting in discouragement before any progress even begins. Below are a few pointers to help you stay on track and attain […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of After Sex Pillow Talk

You just had some real, wallpaper tearing sex and as the both of you lie, entwined in each other’s various body fluids, pillow talk invariably emerges. What most women do not understand is that this pillow talk is almost as important as the sex itself. According to a survey by Ipsos-Reid, they concluded that, “…over […]

Recession Proof Jobs

Whether starting college or changing career paths, the best approach is to assess how your vocation choice may weather impending financial ups and downs. Although not a guarantee, some of the below occupations may enable you to stay afloat while everyone else sinks in the muck of it all. CPA A certified public accountant is […]