5 Best Spots for New Year’s Eve

This year, don’t get caught up in the usual three hundred dollar per head, bad food, weak drink Olive Garden special. Instead, break the bank and get to one of these 5 best spots for New Years Eve so you can say that this time, you did it right. 1. Disney It may not seem […]

How to Handle a Jealous Girlfriend

You finally found a woman you can really connect with. She likes your fourth grade Star Wars action figure collection as well as your nutty friends. You like her brains, her body and her friends too. Then, one day you run into an old girlfriend. You exchange pleasantries and introduce your new love. All seems […]

3 Situations He Wants You to be Bossy

Let’s face it, bossy women can be annoying. However, if you are dating or married to one you know that deep down they are real pussy cats with a highly useful talent. Others may think, “Who would want to be with that bossy bitch?” but what they do not know is that most bossy women […]

Kim Jong Il: The Little Bastard Kicks

North Korea is a rogue nation with its borders tightly sealed and its people brainwashed into thinking they are in a completely different universe. Kim Jong Il, known as the “Supreme Leader” (a 2009 Constitutional amendment by, um, him) died of a heart attack on December 17th. at age 69 or 70, no one knows. […]

4 Kinky Sex Moves: Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Is your sex life vanilla?  Does your spank bank of porn play in your head as you huff and puff through yet another, boring, missionary thrust? Does she wish you would throw her down and get nasty like the porn she’s been flicking her bean to? Either way, it may be time to turn it […]

5 Workouts to Gain Core Body Strength

The body’s core is considered primarily the abdominal, middle and lower back muscles. Usual exercises such as sit ups and pull ups have been core rippers for years. Ask former NFL running back, Herschel Walker, who during his college career never touched a weight but rather clocked 3,500 sit-ups, 1,500 push-ups and an 8 mile […]

Rules for Escaping a Sinking Car

You are driving along in a fierce rain storm where the visibility is almost zero when you attempt a hairpin turn that has crept up on you at the last possible second. As you decelerate it is not enough and you end up having to hit the brakes a little harder than you thought. Another […]

5 Female Sex Fantasies: Time To Bust Out The Kinky Stuff

Most men’s brains are wired to their dicks so they are happy thrusting into a partner or a warm apple pie because there is not much thought for them to get off. However, women are a completely different animal with their vagina wired to their brain and not the other way around. These 5 female […]

5 Ways to Stand Up to a Bully

Dealing with a bully takes cleverness, courage and patience. Try these 5 ways to stand up to a bully when they strong arm their way into your path. 1. Freeze ‘Em Out When you react they are validated which makes them feel better about themselves because they made you feel worse than they do. The […]

Occupy Wall Street: The Sleeping Giant Awakens

Almost as a sequel to the Advisemen article, “Debt Crisis: Corporate Fascism vs. The Sleeping Giant”, Occupy Wall Street (OWS) awoke the giant. The people had had enough and on September 17th 2011 they rose up in lower Manhattan as a peaceful protest against the inequality felt by 99% of American citizens. Who Started It? […]