Anal Sex: Taboo Titillation

Many jokes are made in the heterosexual world about homosexuals and their bedroom practices, namely anal sex. However, not many in the straight community talk about this potentially mind blowing erogenous zone. Oddly enough, backdoor action is becoming more commonplace behind closed doors as women and straight men alike begin to accept their bodies and […]

Penn State: Saving Face Trumps Child Welfare

Jerry Sandusky was Penn State’s defense coordinator for 32 years until he retired in 1999. He is currently being accused of sexually abusing at least eight boys over a fifteen year period. More victims are coming forward in the wake of a grand jury report released on November 4th 2011 which details an ongoing investigation […]

Depression: Let Nature Pick You Up

You feel like putting your head down and sleeping, all the time. You feel numb, unable to experience emotions. Depression can manifest in many ways. It is not always the weepy mope in the corner, sometimes it is ‘the smiler’, the guy that flashes his chicklet grin every five seconds he could be a sad […]

3 Things Successful People Do Differently

There are always a handful of people that make you wonder how they got to where they are. They seem as capable and educated as you however when it comes to their achievements most of them seem to have surpassed yours tenfold. There is no secret to these advancements however there are some adjustments and […]

Does Violence on Television Affect Adults?

Almost monthly we hear about some dude doing something horrifically outlandish to someone else. Dismemberment, suicide-murder, random attacks, all of which often show up on the likes of Dexter, CSI, True Blood or any other violently capable series. If you are a perpetual viewer of such genres you may have wondered, “Does violence on television […]

Be a Better Kisser

Kissing can be underrated when it comes to the fact that so many people claim they are good at it. The truth is that most are only good at some kissing but not the whole package. It is an art unto itself that takes practice, calculated moves and most of all, deep felt passion. If […]

Tips for an Office Romance

Sometimes it just happens and there is nothing you can do about it. When you set your sights on that sweet piece of ass that just started working two doors down from your office, important considerations should be perused before you pounce. Go over a few of these tips for an office romance. Then decide […]

Muammar Gaddafi: Bad Facial Hair, Bad Death

What a way to kick it. Beat to shit, dragged around, sodomized and then capped a couple of times all while in your hometown. Sound like a Yankees-Red Sox game? Nope, this is what happened to putty-faced-bad-facial-hair-just-tasted-a-lemon Colonel Muammar Gaddafi on October 20th, 2011. The moaning dictator that ruled Libya for 42 years (one of […]