Barsexual: Coming to a Bar near You

A phenomenon has found its way out of college bars right into cities and suburbia. It is when a woman kisses another woman for the sole purpose of turning men on and receiving free drinks. It is called barsexual and is basically a free pass to become a temporary, vanilla lesbian for a night. College […]

Making Shower Sex Great

What better place is there to get dirty and wet than the shower? It is a sensual experience rubbing slick, nude, soapy bodies against one another glistening in the dim bathroom light (never turn them on full). The indecipherable groping in the steam, the sweet clean aromas and deep passionate kissing makes for a mind […]

4 Tips to Prevent Heart Disease

So you just got done with a sweaty, all-out, make -a-porn-star-blush sex marathon. Your mind is swimming in an endorphin rush but your body feels spent.  There’s a thumping in your chest. As she snores next to you, you can’t help but think, “How is my heart?” These 4 tips to prevent heart disease just […]

The 5 Most Dangerous Professions: Do You Have the Balls?

You may be sitting behind a desk so long that you feel it is time for a change. Money may or may not be an issue but the need for injecting some excitement into your daily routine could mean you are ready for one of the many dangerous professions out there. Living and working on […]

Dating a Woman with a Child

She’s perfect. The only catch is that she has a kid. No need to fret, dating a woman with a child can be done. Below are a few ideas to make this scenario a happy medium without all the messy nonsense so many amateurs seem to run into. Overall, just make sure the kid is […]

Is the New iPhone 4S Worth It?

Purchasing a cell phone is like driving a new car off the lot, the value immediately goes down as newer models take their place. It is uncanny how, during such an economic crisis, the phone industry keeps the consumer propped up like a donkey following a carrot on a stick with new models being produced at […]

How to find a Sugar Mamma

If you are sick of shelling out all sorts of cash for women who not only expect it but torture you with vapid conversation, bad or no sex and all sorts of other demands, then you may be ready to switch roles. Knowing how to find a sugar mamma that will pay your way can […]

Things You Don’t Want to Regret When You’re 40

Grab any guy who is forty years old and ask them if they have any regrets. Most will tell you not to do this and make sure you do that but who ever listens? You are going to do what you want to do regardless of any old guy’s advice. The thing is, that old […]

The Do’s and Don’ts when buying an Engagement Ring

You finally found someone willing to put up with your ridiculous self for the rest of your life. Now all you have to do is purchase a stone to make her do circus acts in the bedroom for a while. Unfortunately, you do not have a friend who is versed on the do’s and don’ts […]

Tips for Buying a Car

You are finally ready to get your own set of wheels. No more hitching rides with friends, renting cars or relying on smelly public transportation. Follow some of these tips for buying a car and you just may be able to come through unscathed. All it takes is a little patience and to not get […]

3 Rules to Building Wealth

Finding the correct financial path can be a daunting task, however sticking to a solid plan could slowly build your portfolio and hopefully offer a solid fiscal future. It is the wide variety of texts and pundits that can add to the confusion when all you really need is 3 rules to building wealth. By […]