Metrosexual: Women Will Notice

For centuries the homosexual community has been notorious for superb taste in everything from fashion to cooking. Regardless of their taste in each other, they have surely shown the world that, generally speaking, they know how to maintain a high quality of living. In 1994 the term metrosexual appeared in an article by Mark Simpson. […]

Another Take: Premature Ejaculation Behavioral Therapy – Does it Work?

The psychological approach to premature ejaculation recently took a slight blow in an ABC NEWS /Health report titled: Premature Ejaculation Treatment Questioned? Psychological management is based on the de-stressing of the mind so as to allow the body to let go and work optimally. By talking about the condition freely, men can then begin to […]

3 Best Hangover Cures – Bender Please?

  So you did it again. You dumped so much alcohol into your pie-hole that you woke up feeling like someone lopped off your head, put it in a washing machine and re-attached it to your neck. Now you have to go to work, listen to your whining woman, have brunch with the parents or wrangle […]

How to Get a Massage (without the tug)

The back room pull jobs many guys still frequent are not massages. These are Asian fantasies that often end up becoming an expensive and illegal jack job you could have done yourself with Internet porn and some good lube. How to get a massage goes way beyond the stigma of only being a luxury for […]

4 Killer Workouts For Stronger Legs

Your legs are made up of some of the strongest muscle groups in the body. Following a plan to enhance these muscles can increase your stamina and result in some impressive sculpting. These 4 workouts for stronger legs will target each specific group to build strength and tone. Keep in mind though that these exercises […]

3 Best Ways to Quit Smoking

For those that indulge, there is nothing better than sitting naked and sweaty next to your lover and lighting up a cigarette after a sex-a-thon. However, we all know that continuous smoking will wreak havoc on your system. Therefore, apply these 3 best ways to quit smoking. If you stick to them, within three months, […]

Tips to Save for College

According to a June, 2011 CNN Money report, college costs have risen approximately 130% over the last twenty years. This has slowly priced out the middle class as yearly incomes cannot compete with such a surge. Although it may seem bleak, if you start early and setup a strong savings plan, applying tips to save […]

Natural Remedies: Headaches to Hard-Ons

Inexpensive natural remedies can do your body good. These are simple applications that your system can embrace with little or no side effects.  However, the FDA does not officially recognize most natural therapies (nobody believed Galileo either) so check with your doctor or holistic practitioner before using any. You don’t want to accidentally blow a […]

Debt Crisis: Corporate Fascism vs. The Sleeping Giant

Fascism is described as, “having complete power, a right-wing nationalistic ideology and being fundamentally opposed to democracy and liberalism”. Our country is in the throes of an outright corporate fascism mostly in part due to the calculated dumbing-down and distraction of the American people. The debt crisis did not need to be what it had […]

Road Rage: Don’t Get Shot in the Face

Many of us have either received road rage or shelled it out. Dealing with the plethora of personalities rolling around the roads can be a daunting experience. Sure we want to gouge the eyes out of the guy who cut us off because we just got into a fight with our woman and want blood, […]

Signs That She Is Faking an Orgasm

Intricate, yet telltale signs that she is faking an orgasm can be found in visual, tactile and audible indications that no woman can fake. The reasons for acting out a carnal explosion can be anything from being too tired, never having had an orgasm or just not being able to enjoy sex (huh?). Keeping a […]

Healthy Breakfast Choices: Stick to High Protein and Low Sugar

Considering healthy breakfast choices is to think outside the box. Most people will grab what they can to dampen the morning growl and get on with their day. However, when you treat your system right, it is as if you are getting into a high luxury car as opposed to squeaking along in a broken […]

Bachelor Pad: Do’s and Don’ts

If you plan on taking a woman back to your bachelor pad, you best be making that crib a nest of heavenly delight. There is nothing worse than scoring a smoking hot mama to only have her sour on your stinky, bad furniture, rotting food fridge home. There are some simple things you can do […]

How to Break Up: Make it Fast and Easy

Some relationships can become a roller coaster ride of emotions that eventually end in separation. It can be ugly or mutual but in the long run, if it is just not working out, breaking up beats unnecessary drama that you will eventually walk away from anyway. It is the how to break up part that is usually […]

Insomnia: You are Not Alone

Insomnia is a cruel affliction that often makes one feel helpless and alone. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, about sixty million Americans suffer from one form of insomnia or another per year. It affects approximately forty percent of women and thirty percent of men. If everyone could just get each […]

Defense Awareness: Be a Sheep Dog

For the most part, your life is probably crime free. Chalk it up to luck, circumstance or both but never rely on them. Defense awareness is being able to integrate certain habits into your daily routine that could help maintain your continuing safety. These tiny adjustments, that you may even be doing already, not only […]

How to Date a Younger Woman

The best thing about learning how to date a younger woman is the sex. Why do you think almost every politician, rock star, actor and the like, are seen with a perky, young piece of arm-candy hanging off them? It is mainly because the tight, perfectly lined, sweet, smooth bonus of a young body is […]

Digital Etiquette: Don’t Be a Digital Dick

With a variety of generations now completely embedded in the ever evolving age of technology, a whole new playing field has emerged. Just like the manners your parent’s hopefully drilled into your skull, digital etiquette needs to be considered as well. From cell phones to emails and everything in-between, it seems as if no one […]

Marriage Tips No One Tells You – A Peek into the Future

There is good reason why more than half of all marriages end in divorce. It is a long road with twists and turns that many succumb to. Much of this can be avoided. Many men wish someone had sat them down while they were drunk in love and smacked them over the head with marriage […]