How to Date an Older Woman

You start up a conversation with a woman that is a little more put together and confident than most. Soon you find out she is five or ten years older than you. Panic sets in as you suddenly wonder if you actually know how to date an older woman. You sit up in your chair […]

Casey Anthony: Hot Deranged Villain or Selfish Victim

It is inconceivable when any child perishes. The ripple effect is beyond imaginable as recently displayed in the reaction to the Casey Anthony murder trial. People were beside themselves as they poured into the court room and surrounded the court house with handwritten signs of anger and confusion. These people, who seem hell bent on […]

How To Get Through The First 4 Weeks Of Fatherhood

Ahhhh, fatherhood, isn’t it awesome? You watch your wife get split open like a hairy melon and out pops this wet, squealing alien attached to a cable that looks a lot like the extension cord you just got on sale at the hardware store. You hold it, try not to drop it and have no […]

Who Should Pay For A First Date – Don’t Stress, Invest

Unless you are some poor scrambling artist that has scored a wealthy Cougar, it is you who should pay for a first date. Although women have advanced considerably in the last fifty years when it comes to their societal role, it is still bad form to make them shell out, especially on a night that […]

5 Turnoffs To Women

As you strut around thinking you are God’s gift to women, you may want to re-assess how you approach the opposite sex. Sure, your package may look good but if you are not aware of at least 5 turnoffs to women then you are just another knucklehead with nice clothes, a nice car and really […]

Tips For First Time Home Buyers

Purchasing your first home will definitely warm up your woman’s panty zone. It reeks of man, castle, king, all that shit. Just do not become a loser and buy a dud. Watch for common missteps that these tips for first time home buyers can help you avoid. Prepare Your Coin Make sure your financial house […]

Stop Your Bellyaching and Move to the Top 3 U.S. Cities to Meet Single Women

Ever wonder why there are the same sad-eyed, overly made up, worn women bellied up at your local pub? Ever wonder why you are contemplating a lifelike blow up doll? Well, this may mean you need to move to one of the top 3 U.S. cities to meet single women. Pack up your crap, change […]

Preventing Erectile Dysfunction

There are ways of preventing erectile dysfunction that you and/or your partner can attempt, practice and perfect. After a few sessions you will begin to see results that will have you stepping off the sidelines and into the deep, penetrating action on the field. There is no need to be overly concerned or shameful (as […]

How To Catch A Cheating Spouse

So things are going along swimmingly with your spouse and everything could not be better. You are not fighting over money or the kids and she doesn’t even bitch when you go out to play cards anymore. She is even cooking more and giving you back rubs at night, plus the sex seems to even […]

4 Best Cardio Workouts

If you find yourself gulping for air after some simple missionary sex then try these 4 best cardio workouts to get back in the game. Climb stairs faster, run for the bus like an Olympian or improve your marathon time by increasing your blood oxygen levels and expanding your lung capacity. If you do not […]

3 Bachelor Party Ideas: Mild to Wild

As you get ready to clamp your junk into a vice for the rest of your life you better make sure your best man comes up with at least 3 bachelor party ideas to make it worth your while. The optimal approach is to communicate with your bud on exactly how you want it to […]

Dating Tips for Teens

It is a stressful, somewhat clueless practice so a few dating tips for teens can mean the difference between a great date and a reputation killer. Do not make the mistake of allowing your teen to ‘find their own way’ when it comes to dating. Instead, send them out there a mature, respectful and confident […]

There Are Answers To Hair Loss, Guys

Take a look at your dad or your mother’s father and this will determine whether or not you will eventually need to purchase products for hair loss. Balding in its many forms is the result of your genetic disposition. Nothing you do or eat will cause male pattern baldness. It is your body becoming sensitive […]