Licking, Manscaping, and Oral Sex Techniques

  Who doesn’t like a good knob polishing now and again? Oral sex, when done right, can be a real mind blowing experience (pun intended). But what if it is not done right? What if you have specific likes and dislikes that you have no idea how to convey to your partner? In addition, what […]

Debt Consolidation – You Might Need To Quit The Strip Clubs

Student loans, car payments, mortgage, credit cards it goes on and on and never seems like there is an end in sight. If you have racked it up pretty good and are swimming in a cesspool of financial oblivion some tips on debt consolidation may be a good idea to consider. The last thing you […]

3 Ways To Get The Perfect Beach Body This Summer

Yup… summer is  here and that means you are going to have to take your shirt off sooner or later. Below are 3 ways to get the perfect beach body because the last thing you want is some smoking chick digging your rap and then when you strip down she gets a little vomit in […]

5 Tips for Saving Money

It is as if the world has gone haywire and what you used to spend a few bucks on has become ridiculously priced. There are 5 tips you can follow for saving money so you will be able to turn your nose up at ‘the man’ and not succumb to the corporate fascism that has […]

John Edwards: Flipped the Bird from the Grave

The wtf factor is off the charts these days. Elliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner, Arnold Schwarzenegger and John Edwards have all duped the American public. They were considered respectable, elected officials doing right by the common man when they themselves were acting like entitled swinging dicks that nobody could touch. Although, what evidence is permissible when […]

Who Would Boast About Premature Ejaculation?

Maybe it happened once when you were seduced by the thirty-year-old divorcee neighbor with awesome fake yams or maybe you currently blast off before the free porn meter hits :15 but either way premature ejaculation is awesome, for about two seconds. What the Brains Say The Journal of American Medicine (JAMA) cites a 1999 study […]

Deodorant, Lies And Online Dating Tips

Okay so you made the plunge into the online dating gambit. If you are just starting out or trudging through, you need to heed some serious online dating tips that will hopefully lower your spank meter and increase your horizontal dancing card. Going to a bar these days is like dipping your toes in a […]

5 Ways to Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Now and again if you pop your cork too soon you can end up spending hours trying to make up for it. All you want to do is sleep but your partner is not having it. Once again you are asking yourself if there is some way to control this. You can figure out how […]

Rock Her World Tonight With These 7 Foreplay Positions

Foreplay positions for most guys is to kiss for a few minutes, play with the headlights, receive a hummer, maybe flick the bean a little and then plunge right in, jackhammering like nobody’s business.  Women on the other hand want what may seem like hours of foreplay.  Their flower needs to blossom and open for the right […]

The Ugly Truth About Steroids

The boys in the gym have been juicing and you were wondering if steroids may help you notch up your bench press max too. However, the short sighted approach to taking steroids for muscle mass is a high risk habit that can come back and bite you in the ass. What are Steroids? Steroids are […]

Anthony Weiner: Nerd Gone Wild

Nerds may rule the world (ie: Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg) but they sure need a lesson in street smarts. When New York Rep. Anthony Weiner was recently caught lying about sending out racy pictures and texts he squirmed and sniveled accordingly. But what the fuck was this idiot thinking? In the most recent […]

3 Quick Tips On How To Stop Premature Ejaculation

  There are some simple steps on how to stop premature ejaculation enabling you to hold back your love juice for just the right moment or the money shot, either one.  With about one in four men leaving the gate before the race even begins, you are not alone.  All it takes is a little […]

Meet Single Women – It’s Easier Than You Think

  How do you go about finding the right way to meet single women if so many are juggling and cheating their way through the night? Well you just need to know where to look and what to look for. Single women are all around you waiting like fish in a barrel to be plucked […]

Alcohol Abuse Effects On Premature Ejaculation

Alcohol Abuse Effects On Premature Ejaculation Okay, so you are pub crawling around town and the buzz is feeling good. You are getting loose and uninhibited, ready to end the night with a bang, literally. However, oddly enough, you are wondering about alcohol abuse effects on premature ejaculation. There were a couple of times you […]