First Time Sex Tips – 5 Ways To Approach Sex With a New Woman!

Having sex for the first time with someone new can be more nerve wracking than pleasurable due to our own insecurities. With first time sex tips you can take what should be a pleasurable event and make it just that. Whether you’ve just come out of a long term relationship with someone with whom you […]

How To Last Longer in Bed: What She Wishes You Knew

We women are very frustrated with men who want to know how to last longer in the bed. Men have the best intentions, because they know how it takes us ladies longer, almost twice as long as men on average to have an orgasm. You guys really want to please us and we know that. […]

Imipramine Male Fertility – A Possilbe New Miracle Cure!

Men suffering from low or no sperm count may have a new alternative medication to try with regard to successfully fertilizing an egg to establish paternity. Imipramine male fertility treatment is the latest in medical technology that can help those couples out there who are unable to get pregnant. Normally, for a couple to be […]

Arthritis Knee – Signs and Symptoms

Lately you start to notice that your knees have been hurting even though you haven’t made any changes to your normal routine. If you find that, especially upon waking in the morning, your knees hurt or feel stiff you maybe suffering from arthritis knee! The very word “arthritis” may conjure up an image in your […]

Last Longer During Sex: The One Hour Orgasm

Men and women seem to be in different orgasmic time and space, let alone from Venus and Mars. What most couples would give, to last longer during sex, is a lot I’m sure. For couples to be able to meet each other with a mutual bang and ride out the wave for a one hour […]

How To Last Longer While Having Sex – Flip Your Position

Nature has a rather cruel sense of humor by making it easier for men to reach orgasm than women. If you want to know how to last longer while having sex, you may only need to flip your position on the subject. Changing positions during sex can be the easiest way for men to attain […]

Fertility Tests For Men – What Doctors Look For

Trying to conceive a child and not having any luck in doing so can be such a  heartbreaking, stressful thing for couples to endure. While past experience in research has showed women to be the main topic of concern,  fertility testing male sperm has finally taken it’s rightful place in the forefront of the field. […]

Arthritis Knee Pain – Four Most Common Methods of Pain Management

People suffering from arthritis knee pain are well aware of the poor quality of life the disease can contribute to. The pain is especially bad in the morning where it can be quite painful to even stretch the knee out in order to walk. The stiffness of the joints and the inflammation caused by the […]

Diabetes and Male Fertility – Is there Truly a Link?

For years doctors have researched if there were any link between diabetes and male fertility and so far, it seems to be a stalemate within the scientific community. Recent studies in England suggest that diabetes does have the capacity to produce low quality sperm and sperm count. Other doctors would agree to disagree on this […]

Important Premature Ejaculation Tips To Improve Your Sex Life

There are many different causes of premature ejaculation; however one of the most common reasons is because you are anxious. It’s surprising for many people that something they have complete control over is actually what is causing them to suffer from premature ejaculation. If you notice that premature ejaculation has happened more often since you […]

Tips To Cure Premature Ejaculation

If you’re one of the millions of men suffering from premature ejaculation then you might have spent a considerable amount of your time researching the various different techniques and exercises that you can use to cure premature ejaculation. There are a number of different ways that can be used to rid yourself of the embarrassing […]