What If My Wife Asks: How Can I Get My Husband To Be Better In Bed?

Okay ladies, I know we all love our husbands and are willing to overlook a lot of his faults, we all have them, but when it comes to sex, we can’t help but wonder to ourselves “how can I get my husband to be better in bed?”  It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve been […]

How To Last Longer In Bed Naturally

There are so many pills, lotions, potions and devices out there to help men sustain erections. Throw all those things out, because when you know how to last longer in bed naturally, you’ve won the game. Depend on yourself by learning to touch yourself. Only you can set yourself free from the sexual products racket. […]

Chinese Love Horoscopes: Ancient Art in Modern Times

It’s amazing how far we’ve advanced as a society when it comes to technology, tolerance and other aspects of human life. However we seem to always carry with us the wisdom of the ancients and one place for which that wisdom can be found is in Chinese love horoscopes.  For centuries, the Chinese zodiac has […]

Couples Making Love Positions: There’s Something For Everyone

The days are long gone when it comes to searching high and low for information on how to make things more interesting in the bedroom. For those of us searching for couples making love positions we may not even have to leave the comfort of our own homes! If you have an internet connection, you […]

Love Calculator- Do You And Her Add Up?

Science has proclaimed for thousands of years, maybe more, that Math is the true Universal language.  Knowing this, is it possible that the compatibility between two people can be configured by the use of a love calculator?  Are numbers the only type of symbols that can be put into equations in order to find the […]

Love- Are We Addicted?

I don’t know of any other feeling more powerful and all consuming than the coveted feelings you get when you’re in love! Love, it has been said, can be more powerful than any drug and can totally consume the person who is experiencing the feeling!  When it’s good, it’s so very good, but when love […]

Who’s Better In Bed- You or Her Ex?

I wonder just how many couples have laid back after a good romp in the sack and wondered silently to themselves: who’s better in bed?  Whether they are curious about themselves, their lovers or even thinking back to that old boyfriend/girlfriend or one night stand back in college; perhaps their own insecurities raise their ugly […]

101 Love Positions- When 100 Just Isn’t Enough

Let’s face it, sex, and all the different ways to perform it just isn’t as taboo as it used to be due to the advancement of today’s society! There are scores of information pertaining to the actual act of having sex and lucky for us, 101 love positions have become accessible not only in books, […]

Weekly Romance Horoscopes- Plan Your Love Life Ahead of Time

If you are like most humans, there is always one thing on your mind that is usually tucked away but brought to your attention every now and again…LOVE. Everyone loves love and can get a peek of what’s to come in their week ahead by reading their weekly romance horoscopes! How else can you be […]

Romance: Is It In the Stars?

Many people hold the belief that their life destinies, including their romances, are written in the stars. They think that their whole lives can be mapped out by plotting out the position of the stars at the moment of their births! From who they are destined to be in this life, to what occupation suits […]

Romance Ideas- What To Do When You’re Clueless

Not everyone is so romantic in nature that they can conjure up romance ideas at the drop of a dime. In fact, most people I know where they might enjoy to be the recipient of a romantic interlude do not know how to go about creating one! It’s often the little things that can be […]

Home Based Business: Limitless Benefits

Whether it is to the increasingly worrisome state of the economy or the state of person’s finances, hard working people are tired of the very little compensation they receive for their efforts from their daily jobs and are looking towards information regarding working their own home based business.  The idea of being able to work […]

Facts About Insomnia- Important to Know

If you are having trouble falling and staying to sleep at night, perhaps it’s time you arm yourself with facts about insomnia to find out if you’re one of the 58% of adults afflicted with the condition.  Not getting the proper amount of sleep at night can take a toll on your body and mind, […]

Good Sex Tips: What To Eliminate From Your Routine

You don’t have to be a porn star in order to be considered great in bed!  In fact, with a few real good sex tips any guy can become an awesome lover whose skills can make even the most hard to please woman fall to her knees begging for more!  Instead of giving you fellas […]

Best Home Based Business: Get Your Slice of the Pie

If you are searching for a way to release yourself from the shackles of the daily grind, perhaps now it may be time for you to research the best home based business suited for you!  There are several online business opportunities available out there for people with little to no experience in running a business […]

How to Satisfy a Woman Sexually- What Every Woman Needs You To Know

Looking for information on how to be a better lover for your woman is a great first step in actually becoming one!  There are several references available to teach guys how to satisfy a woman sexually and if you’re really serious about wanting to learn, then sit back and take in your first lesson.  Being […]

Technique to Sexually Satisfy a Woman: Drop the Porn and Pick Up a Book!

Okay guys, for those of you out there who care enough to find the right technique to sexually satisfy a woman let me suggest, from a female perspective, that you DO NOT use porn as a reference!   It’s not that we don’t like everything that goes on in those videos but you have to keep […]

Satisfy a Woman Sexually: Top 5 Things Women Want From Their Men

It’s nice to see that there has been more of an emphasis lately from men who desire to find the right ways to satisfy a woman sexually!  Not that they’ve never cared in the past but it does seem as though as the years go on, men are finally coming to the realization that they […]

Best Credit Cards- Matter of Opinion

There are so many offers made everyday by way of mail, e-mail and even on television promoting the best credit cards for your individual financial situation. Some offer cash back, others offer frequent flier miles, rebates and rewards.  It can be tough when it comes to choosing the right card to suit your needs however […]

Insomnia- Are You Still Awake?

There are so many various reasons as to why some people have trouble falling or staying asleep but there is one thing that is a definite for those who suffer from insomnia, it can be totally debilitating.  Whether it comes in the form of a couple of sleepless nights or extends until many years of […]