6 Rude Halloween Costume Ideas

This Halloween get it together and be the talk of the party with one of these 6 Rude Halloween Costumes Ideas. Don’t wear a boring superhero, doctor or cop costume but instead make the most unusual, politically incorrect statement of “I Don’t Give a Shit”. It only comes once a year and if you spend […]

iPhone5: Is it All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

When Steve Jobs kicked, Apple had some big shoes to fill. Stockholders became jittery and the scramble to keep the cash cow going was thrust into full gear. The iPhone 4S hit the market shortly after and like wide eyed sheep the masses turned out with high expectations. Recently, in fact less than a year […]

Blinky Politics: How One Study Claims Election Prediction

Did you ever see or talk to someone that seems to blink more than usual? It may happen to you when a tight booty, big tittie sweetie saunters by and you blink like a cartoon character but some people do it for other reasons, namely nerves. Boston College psycho-physiologist Joseph Tecce studies political body language […]

Why Women Love Facebook

Have you found yourself irritated with your spouse or girlfriend lately? Does she spend too much time on Facebook and the internet in general? Is it a big deal to her if you talk to her through Facebook and not just in person? Well there are very many different reasons your woman is addicted. Here […]

How to go About Your First Tattoo

So you’ve felt the itch have you? Not the bad itch that means you’ve been sticking it where you shouldn’t, but that itch you feel when you want a tattoo. Inking your body is a huge choice and is not for everyone. If you are new to the game and ready to move forward there […]

What to Do if You are Served with Legal Docs

You are about to play hide the pipe with your woman and the doorbell rings. A person hands you papers, asks you your name and splits. Whether the rent is overdue, your ex-wife wants more money or your neighbor is busting your chops over an easement dispute, knowing what to do if you are served […]

How to Write the Perfect Cover Letter

It is annoying enough putting together a resume but when you are asked for a cover letter it can really throw a wrench in your job search. Not many people pride themselves on their writing skills but how to write the perfect cover letter is fairly easy once you get the hang of it. Cover […]

Crime: How Weather Can Turn It Up a Notch

There are many factors involved in the statistics of crime related scenarios. The economical downfall, for instance, has considerably affected crime as a result of sheer desperation. Occupy Wall Street, the Arab Spring and austerity measures brought upon already struggling families has pushed many people over the edge. If it weren’t for the ‘dumbing down’ […]

What Makes You Horny?

What makes you horny? Many factors weigh in regarding likes and dislikes including weather, temperature, smell, texture, childhood and more. Investigating these unique ‘triggers’ could open up a whole new world of uninhibited sexual encounters. Rain If you do not need to hunt down some prime tail on a rainy day you may be in […]

Some Amazing And Easy Football Snack Recipes For Men

Long Sundays full of beer and football are great, but a man needs some tasty treats to fill up on while he’s at it. Sometimes a bowl full of party mix and a few pizza slices just doesn’t cut it. Men want a snack that pops, fills you up, but doesn’t cash you out; nothing […]

Things to Text Your GF More Often to Earn Brownie Points

Do you ever wonder what you can do to make your girlfriend a lot happier? Do you ever seek easy and simple ways to earn brownie points and suck up to her? If so, there are some things to text your girlfriend more often that will earn you those extra rewards you are seeking. The […]

Step-By-Step Birthday Guide for the Woman in Your Life

A woman’s birthday is by far the most important day of the year. If you’re dating or married you know the stress that can be tied into the birthday gift and what you have planned. Nothing ever seems good enough for her and you’re always left being judged and “letting her down” when it’s all […]

When Cheating May Be Okay

No one wants to be cheated on, hands down. However, there could be times when cheating is okay. Mankind has been partaking in infidelity ever since the skinny cavemen was left back to help the women during the hunt and ended up going balls deep in someone else’s musky, hairy cave lady snatch. If you […]

How To Handle A Crying Woman Without Getting Killed

It’s awkward, it’s confusing, and it’s somewhat annoying; it’s a woman crying! Yes, we know guys, it SUCKS how emotional we are; but nonetheless, here we are. When women cry it is very hard to know what to do. How do you handle such an emotional wreck? Where do you put your hands, your mouth, […]

Simple Tips for Going Green

Anyone that thinks our planet is doing just fine has probably been toking on some serious weed. From landfills to global warming man has been raping this land since day one and now, unfortunately, we are in an unsustainable soup that is quickly spiraling the drain, Fortunately, there are some simple tips for going green […]

Trust: How to Get It, How to Keep It

Whether it is business, women or blind faith having someone to confide in can be as or more beneficial than paying a therapist. However, trust is often handed over too easily making for a slippery slope. Gaining and giving trust depends on an array of baggage you may be carrying. However, regardless of how damaging […]

4 Moves That Seem Romantic, But Aren’t!

There are so many cheesy ass movies out there nowadays. Romantic comedies have given a bad name to true romance and unfortunately although women may think something seems cute in a movie or on paper; it rarely translates in real life. Trying to find the perfect mix of subtle romance and over doing it is […]

How to Stop Your Woman from Talking

Many women cannot stop themselves from talking. They are able to go on, incessantly, about the most mundane or useless subjects with hardly taking a breath. If you are fortunate to have found a woman who uses few words and gives you a lot of sex you are probably dead, otherwise learn how to stop […]

The Future of Porn: What is Here and What is Coming

It may have begun with some mild lingerie ads, then some black and white pics of women in their underwear; glossy photos with one nipple popping out; full on topless; full on nude; and then lessons in gynecology. Off the printed page, porn has found its way from hand-cranked movie reels to close-up, squirting, high […]

Top Old Stolen Cars of 2012

Every year the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) releases its list of stolen cars. It is estimated that in the United States alone a car is jacked every twenty-six seconds. Know what you are getting into if you own an older model that may be targeted for parts. Don’t come ambling back from an annoying […]