Fisting: Hiding the Silent Duck

If a baby can squeeze out of a tiny vagina what would stop people from shoving their fist up there. Not much. Fisting is the sexual act of having someone do just that to the vagina and for some, even to the rectum…whuh?! This act is said to be pleasurable as the walls of the […]

The Squirting Dildo: Explore Dirty Sex Together

There are some amazing sex toys available for couples. Now, while the squirting dildo may not the first thing that comes to mind to stick up your bum, as it’s 8-inches, it is an effective weapon to fuck a woman with. The great thing about the squirting dildo is that it has a hole at […]

Her Sexual Mind: Turn Her On With The Right Foreplay

If you know how to turn on a woman, you can easily turn her into putty in your hands. She’ll be at your command if you know how to push her buttons. Knowing how to tease her sexual mind into action is the main aim of the game. Unfortunately, women are not born with a […]

Get Even: The Best Way to Dump a Cheating Minx

If you have just discovered that your girlfriend has been cheating on you, it’s time to get even and play games with her head. Instead of throwing her out and calling her the usual words, why not keep quiet and give her a leaving present in the way of an explosive orgasm. I know this […]

Her Body Language: 10 Tips To Discover Whether She Likes You

Body language is far more powerful than words. In fact, body language accounts for ninety percent of the messages you portray to another. With this knowledge, read on to learn how to read her body language to discover whether she’s into you. Eye Contact: This is a biggie, since without her making eye contact with […]

Steamy Sex: Write Horny Erotica Together

The bestseller by E L James, Fifty Shades of Grey is a worldwide phenomenon, it has whet the sexual appetite of many women, which gives you a great reason to share steamy sex with her tonight. This book is bound to stimulate her juices in more ways than one. While this book is designed to […]

Secrets: What Should You Confess and What Should You Hide

It can be daunting for a partner to ask questions about an ex, but some secrets are best kept that way. Is there anything you should confess, or is a secret best kept hidden? What is tricky about this situation is that she might start to wonder if you are hiding something if you do […]

Temptation: How to Avoid Its Claws with Science

Whether it is a smoking hot piece of grade ‘A’ ass, another drink or illegal activity, temptation surrounds us all. Face your temptation head on with science, because everywhere you turn it will be there, smiling, ready to sink in its claws. Executive Control A group of researchers from Maastricht University (Netherlands) conducted a study […]

Inside A Woman’s Mind: Top 10 Female Fantasies

What if you could get inside a woman’s mind and find out her top 10 fantasies? Men have particular fantasies, including threesomes, role play, and seducing a woman who is already taken, but women’s fantasies are not much different from a man’s fantasies. Here are the top 10 female fantasies. Swinging: Men imagine the scene […]

Odd Sexual Preferences

Fetishes seem to be in the back or forefront of many men’s minds but going beyond such behavior can take it from a fetish into an odd sexual preference. It is not the juvenile, misogynistic (hater of women) scenarios that demoralize and/or dehumanize women these preferences delve into the deep psyche of the user. If […]

Steamy Shower Sex: 5 Ways to Turn up the Heat

Having steamy shower sex is wonderfully intimate. However, it could create problems if your partner is shy about showing off her body, or allowing you to see her without makeup. Either she’ll make excuses about how her eyeliner will be draining down her cheeks, or she’ll be a natural beauty who realizes that sexiness is […]

Hot Sex: 4 Ways To Get Naughty at Work

Whether you work in finance or the stock trade, work will always dominate much of the day, as this is what you are paid to do. Sex, on the other hand, is the other sole dominator of the day. Most of the time, it may be easy to sweep your sexual urge under the carpet, […]

Erotic Asphyxiation: The Dangers of Experiencing The Ultimate “High”

Some men and women are into experimental sex and will use whatever method it takes to achieve the ultimate high. Erotic asphyxiation is one such method. It is believed that the heightened sensation of being unable to breathe so close to orgasm delivers heightened pleasure, but when it can often come at the price of […]

The Best Sex: Give to Receive Pleasure

The best sex of all includes reciprocal desire, so if you are always giving her pleasure, it’s time she gave you the same in return. Some men are heavy pussy lovers; other men despise its natural musk. If your partner cleans her genitals regularly, oral sex should be an enjoyable experience for the both of […]

Blowjobs: 10 Ways She Can Spice Up The Scene

You may love getting a blowjob, but your partner may hate this act. It can cause her to gag or ruin her make up, but if she is concerned about your pleasure, then she has to start love giving head. When performed consistently, blowjobs are an effective way to help her tune into her sexuality, […]

Al Fresco Sex: The Thrill of Lovemaking in the Outdoors

Sex is a wonderful art. Many couples make love in the bedroom, while spontaneous couples enjoy al fresco sex. There is nothing wrong with either, but a healthy sex life contains a bit of both. Life is too short to wonder about what other people think. The fears about al fresco sex, or deciding where […]

Strap-on Sex: Am I Homosexual?

Some men are more curious than others. The talk of strap-on sex can make some men cringe, as society often links the use of such a tool to feelings of homosexuality, but open-minded men may have a very sensitive g-spot and enjoy experimenting in this area. So if you are heterosexual and fantasize about strap-on […]

Mutual Masturbation: Let It Be Your Great Teacher

Masturbation is the act of making love with the self, so what can happen if you decide to share the sight of you stroking yourself to a partner. Firstly, it requires confidence, since not everyone will enjoy sharing such an intimate act with a partner. You may not even want to describe to her that […]

The World of Bisexuality

The world of form filling can get very specific at times. When it comes to ticking the box stating your sexuality, it can feel very embarrassing for some people, especially for homosexuals who have not yet stepped out of the closet. However, this article will focus on bisexuality, since I’ve always found the world of […]

Golden Showers: Would You Try This Fetish?

If you believe that urine is a dirty by-product of the body, you should know that research has declared this liquid is abundant with enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and antibodies that no other product can offer your body. It is effective against diabetes, infertility, allergies, heart disease, cancer, and autoimmune disease, amongst others. In part, urine […]