Sploshing: Cream Her Panties With Food Play

The sploshing fetish may not be as popular as the stocking and suspenders or foot fetish, but it is perfect for fun-loving couples who want to take sex to the extremes. Sploshing engages all of the senses. It’s not perfect sex, although it can feel that way as your inhibitions disappear and you’re slipping and […]

Dirty Sex: Share a Kiss Full of Cum

Sex can be as extreme as you want it to be. Golden showers, domination, BDSM, the list goes on. While the former three may or may not be classed as dirty sex, any form of foreplay including the use of seminal fluids could well be one of the top ten in the dirty sex category. […]

Pheromones: Find a Sexually Compatible Mate Without Artificial Fragrance

Human pheromones are odorless, but they are found in urine, perspiration, and sexual fluids. They are detected through the vomeronasal organ (VMO) located in the mouth and nose. This is why we can feel an animal attraction to some partners, and not others. There have been a number of studies conducted on natural pheromones. 19 […]

How To Make A Water-Based Lubricant

The sex toy industry is huge, and one way they make a large profit is through lubricants. There are specialist condoms doused with lubricant, or you can opt for various sized bottles. However, if you don’t mind buying the ingredients, this article describes how to make a water based lubricant that has a long shelf […]

End The Summer With A BANG! Get Laid Before Fall

If you’ve had trouble all summer getting some good play (and we don’t mean beach volleyball), there are probably some things you could be doing better. Everyone wants to say they got laid during their summer break and for good reason. Summer is a time for romance, fun, sun, and sex of course! Here are […]

Open Relationships: Can They Heal A Partnership?

There are many types of marriage and relationships. An open relationship is not new, but it can deepen a bond between two sexually open minded partners. No longer do two people need to stay monogamous toward one another to succeed when an open relationship can provide so much fun without complications. With the influx of […]

Facesitting: Get Under the Hood

Some men cannot get enough pussy to eat. They seek it out like a calculated mission. If you are the insatiable type with a penchant for hours of giving oral pleasure then facesitting may be for you. It involves both inputs delicately dropped down and/or roughly grinded into your waiting face. Here is a taste […]

Titty Slapping: A New Kink

Just when you thought kinky couldn’t get any kinkier, titty slapping seems to have emerged out of the dark S&M basements and into mainstream bedrooms. There are many ways to titty slap as well as some alleged health benefits. Either way it can be quite stimulating for a woman to experience this kink along with […]

Food and Sex: Seducing Her With Food

If you are blessed with you culinary skills, then look no further than mixing food and sex. Using the right blend of herbs, textures and scents will get her knickers wet, and you don’t even need to buy any of the popular aphrodisiacs. Serve the meal with a good bottle of wine, and the ambiance […]

Play Ball: How to Get Her to Fondle Your Balls the Right Way

Just like vaginas and penises, testicles come in many shapes and sizes. They are an integral part of the whole sex package and, unfortunately, most women have no idea how to play ball. Depending on the guy, it is often an area that is way more sensitive than the shaft which in turn requires an […]

Painful Sex: How to Deal with a Woman who has Pain during Intercourse

Many men think they have a good sized package and when a woman reacts with a grimace or an audible ‘Ugh’ during sex, it is often taken as validation. Many of these same men have no idea that regardless of the size of their cock, the woman may be withstanding painful sex. Dr. Andrew Goldstein, […]

Music and Sex: 5 Hot Genres To Hump To

Think back to some of your hottest sex sessions. Were you listening to sensual music or just growing more and more turned on with the sound of sex? While it is sexy to hear your dick squishing in and out of her juicy hole, music and sex go together like peaches and cream. The key […]

Psychic Sex: How To Influence Her With Thought

The Universe is vast, yet there are so many people claiming to have “psychic” energy, and he or she will likely charge you for these services. What if everyone has a psychic sexual energy within him or her, but it requires fine-tuning. Most individuals believe in instinct or intuition, and this energy is otherworldly. Some […]

How to Have Car Wash Sex

There is something about the feeling you get when you are in your car going through a car wash. It is as if you are in a cone of silence, blotting out the rest of the world, surrounded by blurred soapy splashes and the rumbling, rolling jostle of rotating brushes. In the end, a giant […]

Friends With Benefits: 10 Rules For Success

A fuck buddy, or friends with benefits, is a great way to get regular sex without commitment, but it is important to set some rules beforehand, as there is no point continuing with the plan if one of you starts to develop romantic feeling for the other, and those feelings are not reciprocated. Get together […]

Five Ways To Relieve Her PMS

That “time of the month” can terrify some men, as it’s the start of mood swings and sore boobs, but show a little empathy, as women have to go through this harrowing cycle every month until menopause—and even that doesn’t ease up on the imbalance of hormones. However, there are ways you can relieve her […]

How To Experiment With The Male G-Spot

The male g-spot will always be an erogenous zone filled with mystery. Firstly, it is situated in the anus, and a large percentage of men have homophobic issues and would never experiment in this area. However, if you have an open mind, you probably have an open sexuality and will delve into taboo areas, such […]

5 Ways To Spice Up A Kiss

A good kiss can feel better than sex. Some sexual positions do not allow the freedom for passionate kisses, including doggy style, but the traditional missionary sex gives you the luxury of indulging in a heated kiss with a partner. If you are searching for ways to turn up the intensity, here are 5 ways […]

The Art of Sexual Healing

Sex has the power to heal or destroy. Look at religion and how it uses guilt to cause sexual repressions. It is not healthy to turn away from sexual fantasies or refuse to give the body what it needs, plus sex and masturbation are natural ways to disperse anxiety and tension. Personally, I used to […]

Do You Think You’re Not Good Enough In Bed?

I was chatting with my boyfriend the other day through Skype, and he gave me a hot porn show. It got me thinking about sex. Watching him excite his body in such a way certainly stimulated my mind onto sex, and I teased him with a visual image of my dousing my breasts in oil. […]