Cosmic Ordering: Can you Order A Perfect Partner?

I know that it might sound strange that you can cosmic order a partner, but it is true. Did you know that the orgasm houses creative energy, so if you can visualize your partner during masturbation and feel happy and content just as you reach climax, you’ve already planted the seed with God or the […]

Women To Avoid: The 5 Types of Women Who Use and Abuse

Women often scavenge for male prey together, and they are picky. The majority of women seek out good looks, manners, confidence, good dress sense, and money in a man, but if you’re one step ahead of the game, you will notice the women to avoid. And if you’re a player, it doesn’t mean that you […]

Scare Her Off: 5 Ways To Make Her Hate You

At times, you may not want to be in a relationship, but you somehow need find a way to scare her off. Putting any of these five traits to good use will ensure that you scare her off. Men and women are similar in comparison, since some men would find burping and farting to be […]

Tips For Shy Guys: 3 Tips on Winning Her Affection

Confident men have one thing in common with women. They have no insecurities about approaching women, as they know they are sexy, and they can tell a woman what she wants to hear. Approaching a woman can be intimating for a shy guy, but this article provides 3 tips for shy guys on how to […]

Hot Lover: The Gorgeous Model vs. The Plain Jane

Gorgeous women are worshiped not only because of how they look, but because they can create envy in others. How often have you wanted to be your friend with the trophy-bird on his arm? She might look good, but women who require such worship can be boring in bed. My partner’s first wife was a […]

When To Give Up On Trying To Date Her

You’ve all been through it; all had the unpleasant trials and tribulations of trying to sack the ‘all elusive one’. She’s unobtainable and you don’t understand why. You’re doing everything by the book, following all the rules, and putting forth your best charm; your best game is invested in trying to land this woman. But […]

3 Tips To Get A First Date Goodnight Kiss

Some men are not used to dating countless women and being a player their whole lives. If going on a first date with any woman makes you nervous then you clearly need a little help to boost your confidence and seal the deal. To help ensure the date goes smoothly and leads to a not […]

The Law of Attraction: Can It Magnetize A Soul Mate?

The New Age book, The Secret, disclosed one particular law that can draw anything into your life—The Law of Attraction. The author claims that by thinking positively, and believing you have already achieved the said thing, you will automatically receive whatever it is that you want or hope for. Is it possible to attract a […]

5 Ways To Get A Second Date

So you want a second date.  Those can be very difficult.  First dates are hard enough, since you need to go up and get someone’s number and then call them and ask them out.  Unless you got set up on a date.  If that’s the case then you need to work extra hard for that […]

The Best Proposal Ideas

So you want to lock it in but you want to do it in a memorable way. Below are some of the best proposal ideas that will hopefully have her bragging to everyone and bending over every time you reminisce. The Proposal Massage Explain that you read up on how to give a massage and […]

The Rules For A First Kiss

We’re all in for a tough little time here.  The first kiss.  Shit man.  No matter how old you are, it probably makes you really nervous.  That’s okay, it really does happen to all of us.  She’s probably cute.  She’s cute right?  Good.  I’m glad to hear it.  I guess we need to discuss this […]

Can You Be A Party Animal and Still Be In A Relationship?

One of the true age-old questions of manhood—can you be a party animal and still be in a relationship? This is a simple question with a complex answer.  In any case, we’ll look at it from both angles and you can place yourself in either category.  It depends on your personality, so look at both […]

4 Ways To Stop Screwing Up With Women

Wait there are only 4 ways to screw up with women?  Catch-22, there are a lot more ways to screw up than the not screw up.  But don’t let that detour you from trying to better yourself with the ladies.  Eventually you’ll be successful and maybe it will get you laid, or even get you […]

5 Best Places For Summer Dates

Summer is great for romance. The sweltering heat during the day, the breezy nights, constantly being outdoors under the sun or stars; women completely love being in love in the summer. During these few months, men have a real chance to go on some fun dates and make a woman fall in love, but you […]

First Date Disasters: What NOT To Do On The First Date

You finally asked her out, and she said yes. The weekend is fast approaching and whether you’re confident or a nervous wreck, you need to be sure you know what NOT to do on the first date. Messing up on date number one can not only HINDER your chances of a second date but stop […]

Two Types of Attraction: What Are You Looking For?

When you’re out with your friends, instant attraction comes into force. Men are easy prey around women since they can display attractive parts of their body, but it takes great will power not to look twice at a sexy girl. So the first type of attraction is instant or chemistry-type attraction. Your pheromones are playing […]

How To Apologize To A Girl

One of the trickiest things in the world is apologizing to a girl. Women are a complicated group as a whole and then throw in the fact that we are all so completely different and it’s no wonder men are at a loss. When giving an apology to anyone it is important to be sincere […]

Could You Date A High Maintenance Woman?

High maintenance women or “trophy birds” like to be the center of attention. They work out, wear tight revealing clothes, have perfect hair, teeth, and make-up, and they expect to be treated like a princess by a partner. If you have attracted the interest of one such beautiful lady, you may be wondering could you […]

Tips For When You Don’t Know How To Be A Good Boyfriend

Are you one of those guys who has dated on and off and never successfully kept a relationship going strong simply because you don’t know how to be a good boyfriend? Or maybe you’ve never been in a serious relationship at all but have just started dating the girl of your dreams and don’t want […]

How to Seduce a Stripper

Here’s a newsflash to every guy who wants to know how to seduce a stripper, it takes luck and money. If you are a poor nice guy and think you can get a stripper then dive right in, however you better be in it for the long haul. Strippers are like vipers, they can feel […]