Butea Superba: Treat Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction

There will always be a vast number of male enhancement products that promise to increase penis size, enhance pleasure, prolong an erection and rid performance anxiety. Butea Superba is a herbal aphrodisiac that is proven to treat impotence and erectile dysfunction. A study proved that men were able to gain and maintain an erection more […]

Get a Bigger Penis: Do Male Enhancement Techniques Work?

Studies have indicated that the average penis size is approximately 5.1 to 5.9 inches long, and anything larger is a plus! The best way to measure your penis size is when it’s erect. Measure from the base of the penis to the tip with a tape measure or ruler. To measure the circumference of your […]

Erectile Dysfunction Remedies: What Will They Do To Me?

Years ago if a man could not keep his wood his sex life was practically over. Fortunately today there are many erectile dysfunction remedies to choose from. Simply turn on your television and inevitably you will run into a commercial of a fifty-something couple looking all loving and ready to bang. The thing is, erectile […]

Natural Remedies: Headaches to Hard-Ons

Inexpensive natural remedies can do your body good. These are simple applications that your system can embrace with little or no side effects.  However, the FDA does not officially recognize most natural therapies (nobody believed Galileo either) so check with your doctor or holistic practitioner before using any. You don’t want to accidentally blow a […]

Preventing Erectile Dysfunction

There are ways of preventing erectile dysfunction that you and/or your partner can attempt, practice and perfect. After a few sessions you will begin to see results that will have you stepping off the sidelines and into the deep, penetrating action on the field. There is no need to be overly concerned or shameful (as […]

Relaxation is Your Friend: Increase Your Stamina

Exercise:  Relaxation It’s very important to feel relaxed during sex.  I know it’s easier said than done, but if you practice the following exercise, your mind and body will be much healthier during sexual arousal. Please find a comfortable spot to practice these techniques.  Pick a place with very little noise and very few interruptions.  […]

Fixing Erectile Dysfunction Can Be Crucial For Your Marriage

Fixing erectile dysfunction is something that is necessary especially if you are in a relationship of any kind. It is fairly common knowledge that an intimate relationship without sex such as a marriage is one that has an increased chance of failure and there is a great deal of emotional strain that is formed when […]

New Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, or E.D., has many causes and as a result there are many solutions. One of which is medication as medical science advances new treatments for E.D. come into light and many of these are herbal supplements, which restore the natural flow and function of the body in order to reverse the effects of […]

Erectile Dysfunction Causes – What are they?

Erectile dysfunction causes are numerous and span both the physical and the mental aspects of the body. There are a number of conditions and even medications what can cause sexual dysfunction. Some of the causes can be difficult to note and in fact you may not even be aware of them until the erectile dysfunction […]

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment – 3 Options For Men

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction there are options that can help. If you are looking into erectile dysfunction treatment options these are the three that you are going to run across. The first is prescription medications. The second is the use of herbal remedies and finally there is the use of implants. The […]

Erectile Dysfunction – What Is It?

Erectile dysfunction is often known as impotence. There are numerous causes and it effects a number of men throughout the world. Some of the causes for ED include diabetes, cardiovascular leakage and trauma from things like prostatectomy surgery can also cause this problem. Other causes may include things such as issues with the pituitary glands […]