3 EASY Recipes to Impress Your Family

Some men just don’t belong in the kitchen, that’s a fact. You may have tried before and had it end in a near fire situation or have never once had the urge to get in there and TRY to make a meal or snack. But sometimes life gets busy for your kids and wife and […]

Raunchy Drink Recipes: Demand a Wild Ride

Having a get together with beer and wine is okay but why not spice up the night with some raunchy drink recipes. Send out an invite advertising a party featuring only these sexed up libations. They will excite the brain cells and have ‘em all laughing each time they order. It will surely be a […]

Marijuana: Best Cooking Technique

Smoking weed is so 2010, now everyone is vaping and eating their brains into oblivion instead. Sure, a tasty rolled up spliff is a great old-school fallback but vaporizing and/or chowing down a green infused recipe gets you there cleaner, healthier and higher. Vaporizing is fairly easy but cooking takes some talent so lay down […]

3 Simple Tricks On How To Impress In The Kitchen

Women always have a list of things they want in a man; a man who can cook is usually on that list. For some reason the thought of a man in a kitchen creating yummy masterpieces just for us is so sexy. How good you are is really not even the point to us; how […]

Make Pizza at Home: It’s Better

Alright, you can run to the store and get a large pizza for maybe five bucks.  Congrats.  You’ll get fat and feel like garbage.  No one likes that, right?  You want to eat some quality food that you can enjoy.  If you cook it yourself, then it can be something that you’re proud of.  Why […]

3 Of The Top Superfoods To Make You Feel Superhuman

We’re all looking for ways to make ourselves look and feel better. Lately in the media with shows like The Doctors and Doctor Oz there has been a lot of talk about “Superfoods”. These foods are daily treatments we can take to boost our physical health, prevent diseases, and just to overall look and feel […]

5 Tips for Throwing a Party

What does it take to throw a good party?  Well, simply, a lot. You need to get a few quick pointers down before you go throwing a party.  Make sure you hook it up correctly with our 5 tips for throwing a party. 1) Good Tunes: Make up a sick mix CD with some awesome […]

Drink Coffee Like A Man

Red Bull gives you wings if you’re a college freshman and you mix it with vodka and cough syrup.  Men drink coffee to get energy, not five-hour energy shots.  Coffee is to the morning like whisky is to the night.  You need a primer on coffee in case you don’t know what the business is […]

3 Freshest Drinks of Summertime: Be Healthy AND Happy

Summer is a great time to ditch the caffeinated drinks like soda and coffee and indulge in a healthier option. Drinking sugary drinks in the summer can leave you feeling dehydrated, bogged down, and slower than usual. If you want to keep your figure, lose a few pounds, or just cleanse your body of those […]

Throw A Frugal Kick Ass BBQ- Tips For Hosts On a Budget

Everyone likes to entertain now and then. We all like to feel special, invite some friends over, and impress everyone with our grill skills. But how do you throw a kick ass BBQ party with limited funds? It can seem daunting and you may want to just forget about it all together but there are […]

The Best Summer Cocktails

There’s always a good excuse to drink at any time during the year.  If it’s winter then you want to drink to stay warm and beat the blues.  If it’s summer then you’re drinking because there are BBQ’s, cookouts, pool parties and summer barhopping.  Since it’s warmer weather, you need to equip yourself with some […]

Drink Like A Man: The Whisky Guide

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Don’t Let Alcohol Kill Your Buzz This Summer: How To Drink In The Heat

There is no doubt that with Memorial Day already over with, you’re on the way to a summer of partying and drinking with friends and family. Enjoying the sun, water, boats, beaches, and more with a drink in hand is a favorite past time of yours. But why do you feel so worn down lately? […]

Simple Tips For Grilling Great Burgers This Summer

Summer is fast approaching and most of you probably broke out your grills several weeks ago. If you’re planning any sort of cook-out or party this summer, or even if you just want to cook up a tasty meal for your family, you’re probably looking for tips on how to grill a great burger. These […]

Enjoy Alcohol and Still Lose Weight

For successful weight loss, it’s important that you know the effort that is required. Eating one meal a day while slamming down 8 pints is not a very healthy way to lose weight. It’s possible to enjoy alcohol and still lose weight. Alcohol Is NOT Calorie Free It’s important to know what you are placing […]

5 Top Beer Drinking Cities In The U.S.

Ah, drinking beer; one of the greatest past times of men and one of your favorite times still today. Whether you’re at a ball game, sitting in the garage, out at a fine brewery, or just by yourself on the couch, nothing is more fulfilling than an ice cold beer. If you think your town […]