iPhone5: Is it All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

When Steve Jobs kicked, Apple had some big shoes to fill. Stockholders became jittery and the scramble to keep the cash cow going was thrust into full gear. The iPhone 4S hit the market shortly after and like wide eyed sheep the masses turned out with high expectations. Recently, in fact less than a year […]

When It’s Time To Get A New Job

Well it’s true that no one likes their job, but what if you REALLY HATE IT? There are some of us who just get depressed at the thought of another Monday and going “back to the grind”. Sometimes there really is a difference between not enjoying work and truly loathing what you do for a […]

How to Survive Rough Financial Family Times without Fighting

The economy still seems just as bad as it was 5 years ago to most people in middle and lower classes and unfortunately no one for sure knows when this will end; there is no clear light at the end of the tunnel in sight. With that being said, the struggles that most families are […]

Tips on Managing Your Checkbook

Your checkbook may look like your ninth grade social studies notes complete with scratched out, erased to a hole notations; doodles of female anatomy; and maybe your favorite team logo. Or, it may look like pristine penmanship that would make your mom and third grade teacher proud. Either way, these tips on managing your checkbook […]

The Best 2012 Hybrid Cars for Your Dollar

It seems like technology may be getting closer to constructing better hybrid vehicles as each year another one hits the road with more bells and whistles. Hopefully we will soon be able to park our car, plug it in for five minutes and have enough energy that is equivalent to a tank of gas. In […]

Moon Real Estate: Whose Got a Piece of the Cheese?

It looks like moon real estate is up for sale. A company called Lunar Embassy has been selling plots on our closest neighbor and seems to be making some serious coin doing it. There has been much talk about private enterprise surpassing NASA’s limited budget missions including space trips for wealthy civilians for hundreds of […]

How To Save Money And Still Enjoy Football Season

It’s here, the NFL has come and every man in America is slowing shifting his Facebook profile picture to his favorite football team’s logo. The fridge is becoming stocked with beer, the excuses start flowing about why he can’t go to the zoo this Sunday, and he won’t be attending church until February. If this sounds […]

Delinquent Mortgage Payment: How to Play the Game

Since the collapse of the real estate market in 2008, banks have turned into skittish little girls with their panties in a bunch. Now, even though many have been bailed out or merged into bigger money grabbers, they are doing everything in their power to avoid bad lending as well as handle delinquent mortgage holders. […]

American Products: We Still Have a Few

Everywhere you look nowadays anything that you purchase seems to come from somewhere other than America. Made in China, India, Korea or some bumfuck part of the world has become the norm. Who can blame companies when America is full of taxes, unions and spoiled citizens who would rather go on welfare than work in […]

How To Get Better Rates On Your Auto Insurance

In today’s struggling economy, pinching pennies and living frugally is a must for most people. Finding ways to save money is becoming a necessity more and more and cheap car insurance is something not everyone thinks about but it can end up saving you up to hundreds of dollars per month if done correctly. Here’s […]

Is Going Back To College Hard?

Men want to know this.  If you didn’t finish college then you probably have thought about it at least once a week since you dropped out.  Is going back to college hard?  In short, no, but it does take some work.  Here’s a quick guide to some of the steps that you probably want to […]

Do Women Really Care About Your Money?: The Extremes and the In-Betweens

The age old question surrounding women and money isn’t one that is easily settled even today. When it comes to women and men’s money there is no definitive answer, and never will be. Just like most everything else we discuss, women are split on the subject and have various viewpoints about the answer. Two groups […]

Best Cities for Hip Working Professionals

Young men are graduating college at an exciting and alarming rate which makes it difficult to siphon them off into areas where jobs are needed.  Young men are constantly looking for a new and exciting place to live that’s fertile with jobs, women, bars and all around good times.  Opportunities, albeit in a recession era, […]

4 Resume Myths

If you are scrambling to construct the perfect resume and you are unsure what is expected, the first things to consider are the 4 resume myths you need to know. Asking around will give you so many contradicting answers you may just want to take a dump on a piece of paper and use that […]

Things To Know Before Applying For A Mortgage: How To Get Prepared Before You Start

The moment is among you and you are looking to purchase your first home. It may be as a single man or it may be as a family man, but either way before you even start the process with the bank or mortgage lender, there are some things to do in preparation before the initial […]

Should I Buy an Apartment or a House? The Pros and Cons

The American dream used to be owning a house, two cars, 2.5 kids and a dog. Nowadays the American dream is simply surviving. All of the unnecessary egocentric, materialistic items seem to have taken a backseat to practicality and innovation. Therefore, if you are wondering, Should I buy an apartment or a house? you may […]

Frugal Living: How To Make It Work Without Feeling Deprived

Let’s face it; most of us aren’t blessed with an unlimited supply of money. Not even that, but a lot of us struggle just to make ends meet and live comfortably these days. The trend of the frugal living lifestyle is something to embrace now like ‘going green’. Being thrifty, pinching pennies, and downsizing are […]

Tips To Improve Credit Rating

Over time you may have gotten in a little over your head. Going nutty with your credit cards and taking on more financial responsibility than you could handle just may have you wondering why you are currently be denied for everything from small loans to obtaining a mortgage. Getting back on financial track is possible […]

First Time Home Buyer Tips

Hey guy!  Congratulations!  You’re off to buy your very first house.  No more paying rent at some crappy apartment, no more landlords, no more not making holes in the walls.  We’re super glad for you.  It’s an exciting time.  Now that you’re on the market for houses, you probably want some tips for first time […]

How To Survive Being Laid Off: 6 Tips To Follow In The Aftermath

So you’ve been laid off, now what? You’re probably having some anxiety, going into quick depression mode, or just altogether pissed off at the world. The fact of the matter is, you need to know how to survive being laid off, and you need to do it fast. Whether you’re a single man or a […]