Junk Food: The Addiction Leading to Worldwide Obesity

Most of the “diet foods” appeal to women, but men need a little helping hand in that department. Junk food, or convenience foods, is the norm in such a crap food filled world. Society may tell us what to eat, that we should consume more protein than carbohydrates, but it’s not as easy to incorporate […]

4-Minute Workout: Build Lean Muscle Mass With The Tabata Protocol

There is the belief that weight training is the best way to build lean muscle mass, but this is a myth. Plyometric training, which incorporates jump movements into body weight training exercises, is an effective way to build lean muscle mass, as is high intensity interval training (HIIT). Tabata Intervals, aka the 4-minute workout, are […]

Sex on the First Date: Simple Questions to See if You Will Score

Harvard graduate, Christian Rudder, founded a dating website that he used to survey members about sex. Specifically, he wanted to know who would have sex on the first date. Forget the pseudo-intellectual talk about religion and politics, he claims that thousands simply responded to some very odd, but successfully revealing questions. It may not be […]

When Cheating May Be Okay

No one wants to be cheated on, hands down. However, there could be times when cheating is okay. Mankind has been partaking in infidelity ever since the skinny cavemen was left back to help the women during the hunt and ended up going balls deep in someone else’s musky, hairy cave lady snatch. If you […]

Inside A Woman’s Mind: Top 10 Female Fantasies

What if you could get inside a woman’s mind and find out her top 10 fantasies? Men have particular fantasies, including threesomes, role play, and seducing a woman who is already taken, but women’s fantasies are not much different from a man’s fantasies. Here are the top 10 female fantasies. Swinging: Men imagine the scene […]

Steamy Shower Sex: 5 Ways to Turn up the Heat

Having steamy shower sex is wonderfully intimate. However, it could create problems if your partner is shy about showing off her body, or allowing you to see her without makeup. Either she’ll make excuses about how her eyeliner will be draining down her cheeks, or she’ll be a natural beauty who realizes that sexiness is […]

5 Movies That Will Turn Her On and Get You Off

Ever looking to find the perfect date that will have her loins burning and heart racing? If you’ve been trying to find a great way to easily and sneakily turn her on without her noticing, try and watch these sexy films with a bottle of wine and the lights dimmed down low. Sometimes all it […]

Hot Sex: 4 Ways To Get Naughty at Work

Whether you work in finance or the stock trade, work will always dominate much of the day, as this is what you are paid to do. Sex, on the other hand, is the other sole dominator of the day. Most of the time, it may be easy to sweep your sexual urge under the carpet, […]

Food and Sex: Seducing Her With Food

If you are blessed with you culinary skills, then look no further than mixing food and sex. Using the right blend of herbs, textures and scents will get her knickers wet, and you don’t even need to buy any of the popular aphrodisiacs. Serve the meal with a good bottle of wine, and the ambiance […]

Pre-Gym Snacks: Save Money on Protein Bars and Whey

Many individuals will turn to expensive protein shakes or bars to fuel the body during a workout, but there are high protein foods providing exactly the same energy boost. Nuts, seeds, and dairy produce are rich in protein and a perfect addition pre and post workout. This article presents a selection of healthy pre-gym snacks, […]

Music and Sex: 5 Hot Genres To Hump To

Think back to some of your hottest sex sessions. Were you listening to sensual music or just growing more and more turned on with the sound of sex? While it is sexy to hear your dick squishing in and out of her juicy hole, music and sex go together like peaches and cream. The key […]

How to Have Car Wash Sex

There is something about the feeling you get when you are in your car going through a car wash. It is as if you are in a cone of silence, blotting out the rest of the world, surrounded by blurred soapy splashes and the rumbling, rolling jostle of rotating brushes. In the end, a giant […]

Guys who Steal other Guys Women

They are out there and they have no problem pulling the rug out from under you. Guys who steal other guy’s women are like sharks, quietly slithering and sniffing around females that have boyfriends or even husbands. They may actually be looking for a companion, however most are in it for an easy bang before […]

Do You Think You’re Not Good Enough In Bed?

I was chatting with my boyfriend the other day through Skype, and he gave me a hot porn show. It got me thinking about sex. Watching him excite his body in such a way certainly stimulated my mind onto sex, and I teased him with a visual image of my dousing my breasts in oil. […]

Blowjobs: Get her to Swallow or Get her to get Messy

Blowjobs are the quintessential sex act that most men will do anything to receive. The problem is that many women not only do not know what they are doing, they have an aversion to the manseed. However, go down on their stinky twat and they will spread their legs willingly. Swing back the pendulum and […]

Role Play: Be Someone Else in Bed

When it comes to bedroom antics, turning it up a notch can put your relationship onto a whole new level. Opening up your sexually creative mind and entertaining some role play scenarios is not only fun but can be a very hot experience. Preparation It may take some doing to convince yourself or your woman […]

How to Get the Perfect Handjob

Having had years of experience greasing up your pole definitely makes you an expert on how to get the perfect handjob. Only you know the exact method that makes you blast off which is unique and special in and of itself. Although plunging into your woman and taking a tight, wet horizontal ride or having […]

5 Tips To Wow Her During Foreplay

Foreplay can be an enjoyable as sex, if you are both adventurous. Foreplay does not always have to involve massage either, as a massage could make her fall asleep rather than keep her aroused and awake. If you plan to massage her, at least dribble a little oil over her genitals. Here are 5 tips […]

The Rules For A First Kiss

We’re all in for a tough little time here.  The first kiss.  Shit man.  No matter how old you are, it probably makes you really nervous.  That’s okay, it really does happen to all of us.  She’s probably cute.  She’s cute right?  Good.  I’m glad to hear it.  I guess we need to discuss this […]

First Date Disasters: What NOT To Do On The First Date

You finally asked her out, and she said yes. The weekend is fast approaching and whether you’re confident or a nervous wreck, you need to be sure you know what NOT to do on the first date. Messing up on date number one can not only HINDER your chances of a second date but stop […]