Summer Style For Men

Summer is under way and we don’t need to tell you how to dress.  On the other hand, you probably want us to.  Fair enough.  We’ve got some sick tips for staying cool in the warm, warm summer nights that will surely find you making out on a beach or blowing some dank grass.  Just […]

A Man’s Guide To Menswear Blogging

We hope that is your one stop shop for checking on men’s clothing and advice.  But, for whatever strange and interesting reason, if you should need to go elsewhere for extra advice, we want you to be well taken care of—hence this brief little man’s guide to menswear blogging.  These blogs have sprung up […]

6 Polo Shirt Brands Worth Buying

The polo shirt is one of the most versatile items in a dude’s closet.  It’s between formal and informal, works with a suit or a pair shorts.  Shit, these are your dream digs.  But everyone knows this—it’s one of the simple facts of life.  So why bring this up?  Well because summer is on the […]

Clothing That Every Man Needs

There are certain articles of clothing that men just need to have.  Unfortunately, men everywhere fail to own some of the most essential items that make up a basic wardrobe.  Here are a few items of clothing that you need to buy and should pick up immediately. As far as your upper torso goes, there […]

Shoes Men Should Own: The Top 5

Men have a very fleeting idea of what’s appropriate to wear on their feet.  Goddamn.  With the rise of menswear blogging on the Internet, you probably should up your footwear game.  Great shoes are a real investment and if you take care of them, they’ll take care of you forever.  Keep them polished, keep them […]

What Your Suit Says About You

Every man does wear suits.  A man who doesn’t wear a suit is a boy.  That’s a fact!  Now there are dozens different types of suits, but each one says a different thing about you.  Here’s a funny little list of what your duds say about your personality. Black Suit (Baggy):  You bought this in […]