How to Get Her to Get Along with Your Mom

If you have a mom who is strong headed, controlling and somewhat insane here are a few pointers when your woman steps into the picture. How to get her to get along with your mom takes some wrangling but, if done right, could save you years of hell if you end up marrying this babe. […]

6 Rude Halloween Costume Ideas

This Halloween get it together and be the talk of the party with one of these 6 Rude Halloween Costumes Ideas. Don’t wear a boring superhero, doctor or cop costume but instead make the most unusual, politically incorrect statement of “I Don’t Give a Shit”. It only comes once a year and if you spend […]

iPhone5: Is it All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

When Steve Jobs kicked, Apple had some big shoes to fill. Stockholders became jittery and the scramble to keep the cash cow going was thrust into full gear. The iPhone 4S hit the market shortly after and like wide eyed sheep the masses turned out with high expectations. Recently, in fact less than a year […]

Blinky Politics: How One Study Claims Election Prediction

Did you ever see or talk to someone that seems to blink more than usual? It may happen to you when a tight booty, big tittie sweetie saunters by and you blink like a cartoon character but some people do it for other reasons, namely nerves. Boston College psycho-physiologist Joseph Tecce studies political body language […]

Fisting: Hiding the Silent Duck

If a baby can squeeze out of a tiny vagina what would stop people from shoving their fist up there. Not much. Fisting is the sexual act of having someone do just that to the vagina and for some, even to the rectum…whuh?! This act is said to be pleasurable as the walls of the […]

How to Tell if She is a He

Nowadays even the ugliest ass can look like the finest ass. The right makeup, clothes, perfume, hair and just about anything else deceiving can easily be put into action to reel you in. That is why it is important to approach ‘strange’ with open eyes so you can know how to tell if she is […]

Raunchy Drink Recipes: Demand a Wild Ride

Having a get together with beer and wine is okay but why not spice up the night with some raunchy drink recipes. Send out an invite advertising a party featuring only these sexed up libations. They will excite the brain cells and have ‘em all laughing each time they order. It will surely be a […]

Tips on How to Make Your Relationship Work Better

You may have played grueling sports, excelled in challenging business ventures, achieved some of the highest honors but when it comes to dating or living with a woman, this may be the hardest thing you have ever done yet. These tips on how to make your relationship work better just might be what you need […]

Marijuana: Best Cooking Technique

Smoking weed is so 2010, now everyone is vaping and eating their brains into oblivion instead. Sure, a tasty rolled up spliff is a great old-school fallback but vaporizing and/or chowing down a green infused recipe gets you there cleaner, healthier and higher. Vaporizing is fairly easy but cooking takes some talent so lay down […]

Joke It Up Part 1: Laugh It Off

Welcome to our first installment of ‘Joke it Up’. With everyone walking around pointing their political fingers at one another, losing their jobs, getting divorced and so many other bummer scenarios why not add a chuckle to your week. Some of these you may have heard, some maybe not, but either way hopefully they will […]

What to Do if You are Served with Legal Docs

You are about to play hide the pipe with your woman and the doorbell rings. A person hands you papers, asks you your name and splits. Whether the rent is overdue, your ex-wife wants more money or your neighbor is busting your chops over an easement dispute, knowing what to do if you are served […]

Quickie Sex: Ways to Bang with Limited Time

Sometimes quickie sex is all you need to boost the immune system, blow out the gaskets and ride that high endorphin rush throughout the day or night. It is a great way to get a fast bang in without the movie, dinner, obligatory conversation and hour long clitoral foreplay. Try some of these quickie sex […]

Tips on Managing Your Checkbook

Your checkbook may look like your ninth grade social studies notes complete with scratched out, erased to a hole notations; doodles of female anatomy; and maybe your favorite team logo. Or, it may look like pristine penmanship that would make your mom and third grade teacher proud. Either way, these tips on managing your checkbook […]

How to Write the Perfect Cover Letter

It is annoying enough putting together a resume but when you are asked for a cover letter it can really throw a wrench in your job search. Not many people pride themselves on their writing skills but how to write the perfect cover letter is fairly easy once you get the hang of it. Cover […]

Crime: How Weather Can Turn It Up a Notch

There are many factors involved in the statistics of crime related scenarios. The economical downfall, for instance, has considerably affected crime as a result of sheer desperation. Occupy Wall Street, the Arab Spring and austerity measures brought upon already struggling families has pushed many people over the edge. If it weren’t for the ‘dumbing down’ […]

What Makes You Horny?

What makes you horny? Many factors weigh in regarding likes and dislikes including weather, temperature, smell, texture, childhood and more. Investigating these unique ‘triggers’ could open up a whole new world of uninhibited sexual encounters. Rain If you do not need to hunt down some prime tail on a rainy day you may be in […]

Female Memory: A Danger to Contend With

Most men have experienced (usually many times over) ugly detailed images and words they have been responsible for replayed back to them during a spat with their woman. It seems that female memory is like a continuously loaded bazooka ready to fire at any sign of losing a battle. You could simply challenge her on […]

The Best 2012 Hybrid Cars for Your Dollar

It seems like technology may be getting closer to constructing better hybrid vehicles as each year another one hits the road with more bells and whistles. Hopefully we will soon be able to park our car, plug it in for five minutes and have enough energy that is equivalent to a tank of gas. In […]

Sex on the First Date: Simple Questions to See if You Will Score

Harvard graduate, Christian Rudder, founded a dating website that he used to survey members about sex. Specifically, he wanted to know who would have sex on the first date. Forget the pseudo-intellectual talk about religion and politics, he claims that thousands simply responded to some very odd, but successfully revealing questions. It may not be […]

Moon Real Estate: Whose Got a Piece of the Cheese?

It looks like moon real estate is up for sale. A company called Lunar Embassy has been selling plots on our closest neighbor and seems to be making some serious coin doing it. There has been much talk about private enterprise surpassing NASA’s limited budget missions including space trips for wealthy civilians for hundreds of […]