Why She Might Be Mad At You

As a woman, I know that we are hard to read. Mostly because we don’t just fricking tell you what we WANT to say. For some reason we do this stupid guessing game thing and then get mad when you don’t even know what’s going on. Even I think its bullshit, yet I sometimes still […]

3 EASY Recipes to Impress Your Family

Some men just don’t belong in the kitchen, that’s a fact. You may have tried before and had it end in a near fire situation or have never once had the urge to get in there and TRY to make a meal or snack. But sometimes life gets busy for your kids and wife and […]

When It’s Time To Get A New Job

Well it’s true that no one likes their job, but what if you REALLY HATE IT? There are some of us who just get depressed at the thought of another Monday and going “back to the grind”. Sometimes there really is a difference between not enjoying work and truly loathing what you do for a […]

Why Women Love Facebook

Have you found yourself irritated with your spouse or girlfriend lately? Does she spend too much time on Facebook and the internet in general? Is it a big deal to her if you talk to her through Facebook and not just in person? Well there are very many different reasons your woman is addicted. Here […]

How to Survive Rough Financial Family Times without Fighting

The economy still seems just as bad as it was 5 years ago to most people in middle and lower classes and unfortunately no one for sure knows when this will end; there is no clear light at the end of the tunnel in sight. With that being said, the struggles that most families are […]

How to Tell Her You Love Her

The big 3 words we all want to say but can never get out… I love you. It’s a scary and exciting moment. Some would say that a spur of the moment “I love you” is the best and most genuine but the fact is, when you say it when you feel it, it may […]

How to go About Your First Tattoo

So you’ve felt the itch have you? Not the bad itch that means you’ve been sticking it where you shouldn’t, but that itch you feel when you want a tattoo. Inking your body is a huge choice and is not for everyone. If you are new to the game and ready to move forward there […]

How to Keep the Romance Going When You Work on the Road

There are so many men out there that have jobs that keep them away from their loved ones for long periods of time and very frequently. Whether you’re a truck driver or just travel a lot for your business, you know how stressful it can be to keep a strong relationship. There are many things […]

Some Amazing And Easy Football Snack Recipes For Men

Long Sundays full of beer and football are great, but a man needs some tasty treats to fill up on while he’s at it. Sometimes a bowl full of party mix and a few pizza slices just doesn’t cut it. Men want a snack that pops, fills you up, but doesn’t cash you out; nothing […]

Things to Text Your GF More Often to Earn Brownie Points

Do you ever wonder what you can do to make your girlfriend a lot happier? Do you ever seek easy and simple ways to earn brownie points and suck up to her? If so, there are some things to text your girlfriend more often that will earn you those extra rewards you are seeking. The […]

Step-By-Step Birthday Guide for the Woman in Your Life

A woman’s birthday is by far the most important day of the year. If you’re dating or married you know the stress that can be tied into the birthday gift and what you have planned. Nothing ever seems good enough for her and you’re always left being judged and “letting her down” when it’s all […]

How To Save Money And Still Enjoy Football Season

It’s here, the NFL has come and every man in America is slowing shifting his Facebook profile picture to his favorite football team’s logo. The fridge is becoming stocked with beer, the excuses start flowing about why he can’t go to the zoo this Sunday, and he won’t be attending church until February. If this sounds […]

How To Handle A Crying Woman Without Getting Killed

It’s awkward, it’s confusing, and it’s somewhat annoying; it’s a woman crying! Yes, we know guys, it SUCKS how emotional we are; but nonetheless, here we are. When women cry it is very hard to know what to do. How do you handle such an emotional wreck? Where do you put your hands, your mouth, […]

3 Tips To Avoid Sports Injuries

Now that summer is coming to a close and the partying and lakes are nearing an end, you’re probably going to be searching for something to keep you active and busy while you pretend not to be depressed that the fall and winter are nearing. Many of you will pick up a baseball league in […]

End The Summer With A BANG! Get Laid Before Fall

If you’ve had trouble all summer getting some good play (and we don’t mean beach volleyball), there are probably some things you could be doing better. Everyone wants to say they got laid during their summer break and for good reason. Summer is a time for romance, fun, sun, and sex of course! Here are […]

4 Moves That Seem Romantic, But Aren’t!

There are so many cheesy ass movies out there nowadays. Romantic comedies have given a bad name to true romance and unfortunately although women may think something seems cute in a movie or on paper; it rarely translates in real life. Trying to find the perfect mix of subtle romance and over doing it is […]

Male Performance Anxiety: Don’t Be Impotent- Be Impressive!

It’s a terrifying thing- trying to please a woman. The thoughts that lurk in the dark shadows of your head fill you with doubt; ‘Am I good enough’, ‘Am I big enough’, ‘Am I going to cum too fast’, ‘How many other men has she been with’, and the list goes on. For some men, […]

5 Movies That Will Turn Her On and Get You Off

Ever looking to find the perfect date that will have her loins burning and heart racing? If you’ve been trying to find a great way to easily and sneakily turn her on without her noticing, try and watch these sexy films with a bottle of wine and the lights dimmed down low. Sometimes all it […]

Habits Men Have That Women Hate

Women cry easily, get moody, text and call too much, get jealous, cuddle too long, and generally irritate you when they are around their girlfriends; but there are some things that women hate just as much in you as you do in them. Sometimes the things you enjoy the most are what annoy her the most. […]

When To Give Up On Trying To Date Her

You’ve all been through it; all had the unpleasant trials and tribulations of trying to sack the ‘all elusive one’. She’s unobtainable and you don’t understand why. You’re doing everything by the book, following all the rules, and putting forth your best charm; your best game is invested in trying to land this woman. But […]