A Woody Allen Primer

If you aren’t familiar with Woody Allen, which you probably should by at this point, here is a quick guide to the man behind some of the best movies of all time.  Think of it as a Woody Allen primer.  Most people who like him, like him A LOT.  But most people who hate him, […]

Make Pizza at Home: It’s Better

Alright, you can run to the store and get a large pizza for maybe five bucks.  Congrats.  You’ll get fat and feel like garbage.  No one likes that, right?  You want to eat some quality food that you can enjoy.  If you cook it yourself, then it can be something that you’re proud of.  Why […]

A Quick Guide to Social Networking

Are you lost on what social networking is, or what sites you need to be a part of?  That’s the case with tons of people, and that’s perfectly okay.  Here’s just a brief little guide to some of the major platforms for social networking, and we’ll let you decide which ones are essential to join–so […]

The Dark Knight Rises: A Movie for Men

Obviously this week is all about The Dark Knight Rises which promises to be one of the best superhero movies of all time.  OF ALL TIME.  So why should you go out and see it?  Because it’s a movie for men.  I mean, it’s also a movie for women, children, old people, and maybe animals, […]

5 Tips for Throwing a Party

What does it take to throw a good party?  Well, simply, a lot. You need to get a few quick pointers down before you go throwing a party.  Make sure you hook it up correctly with our 5 tips for throwing a party. 1) Good Tunes: Make up a sick mix CD with some awesome […]

Boxers or Briefs: The Age Old Debate

Let’s do it!  The argument that men have been having since the dawn of, well, underwear?  Since the fig leaf/au naturale debate, people have been arguing over the most practical and comfortable underwear to sport.  Maybe it depends on the context?  We’ll see.  Let’s get it revving in the boxers or briefs age old debate.  […]

A Guide To Summer Mixtapes

What’s the best way to craft a great mix CD for the summer months? Well, I’ve got just a few suggestions that should make for a pleasing bunch of tunes to get jamming for the bonfire ans beach parties that you’ll encounter this summer with this guide so summer mixtapes. Best Coast: Here’s a good […]

A Man’s Guide To Shaving

Perhaps this isn’t necessary, but it seems like more and more I see young men who simply have no idea how to shave.  It’s absurd, I can’t even wrap my head around it.  But, in the case of these misguided youth, I think it’s worth it to hash out a little advise about how you […]

Drink Coffee Like A Man

Red Bull gives you wings if you’re a college freshman and you mix it with vodka and cough syrup.  Men drink coffee to get energy, not five-hour energy shots.  Coffee is to the morning like whisky is to the night.  You need a primer on coffee in case you don’t know what the business is […]

A Quick Guide To Superhero Movies

Basically all the highest grossing superhero movies coming out will be out in the next year or two and you could probably use a quick primer to figure out which ones you want to see.  If you’re a geek for comic book movies, then you’ll probably want to see all of them, so strap in, […]

Summer Style For Men

Summer is under way and we don’t need to tell you how to dress.  On the other hand, you probably want us to.  Fair enough.  We’ve got some sick tips for staying cool in the warm, warm summer nights that will surely find you making out on a beach or blowing some dank grass.  Just […]

Watch NBC This Fall: Shows Near The End

You like comedy, we like comedy, and the world likes comedy.  There is arguably no better place to watch fantastic comedy than NBC, which is bringing back all your favorite shows this fall.  In an effort to save some of them from immanent cancellation, you need to watch them when they premier in the fall.  […]

5 Ways To Get A Second Date

So you want a second date.  Those can be very difficult.  First dates are hard enough, since you need to go up and get someone’s number and then call them and ask them out.  Unless you got set up on a date.  If that’s the case then you need to work extra hard for that […]

Surviving a Breakup

Man, I’m sorry to hear about it.  She was probably a bitch anyway.  Oh don’t talk about her like that?  Sorry, my bad. So you’re broken up?  It’s a bummer.  We’ve all been there, and it’s never fun.  If you’re on the receiving end of it here then you probably need the advice.  It you’re […]

The Best Movies of All-Time: The Top 4

Okay this is obviously arguable.  There are a ton of movies and they all belong here.  I could list like a million of them but for the purposes of brevity, I’ll just name like four of them.  Here are the 4 of the best movies of all time.  These are in no particular order, okay? […]

The Rules For A First Kiss

We’re all in for a tough little time here.  The first kiss.  Shit man.  No matter how old you are, it probably makes you really nervous.  That’s okay, it really does happen to all of us.  She’s probably cute.  She’s cute right?  Good.  I’m glad to hear it.  I guess we need to discuss this […]

Can You Be A Party Animal and Still Be In A Relationship?

One of the true age-old questions of manhood—can you be a party animal and still be in a relationship? This is a simple question with a complex answer.  In any case, we’ll look at it from both angles and you can place yourself in either category.  It depends on your personality, so look at both […]

4 Ways To Stop Screwing Up With Women

Wait there are only 4 ways to screw up with women?  Catch-22, there are a lot more ways to screw up than the not screw up.  But don’t let that detour you from trying to better yourself with the ladies.  Eventually you’ll be successful and maybe it will get you laid, or even get you […]

The Best Summer Cocktails

There’s always a good excuse to drink at any time during the year.  If it’s winter then you want to drink to stay warm and beat the blues.  If it’s summer then you’re drinking because there are BBQ’s, cookouts, pool parties and summer barhopping.  Since it’s warmer weather, you need to equip yourself with some […]

Is Going Back To College Hard?

Men want to know this.  If you didn’t finish college then you probably have thought about it at least once a week since you dropped out.  Is going back to college hard?  In short, no, but it does take some work.  Here’s a quick guide to some of the steps that you probably want to […]