Sploshing: Cream Her Panties With Food Play

The sploshing fetish may not be as popular as the stocking and suspenders or foot fetish, but it is perfect for fun-loving couples who want to take sex to the extremes. Sploshing engages all of the senses. It’s not perfect sex, although it can feel that way as your inhibitions disappear and you’re slipping and […]

Dirty Sex: Share a Kiss Full of Cum

Sex can be as extreme as you want it to be. Golden showers, domination, BDSM, the list goes on. While the former three may or may not be classed as dirty sex, any form of foreplay including the use of seminal fluids could well be one of the top ten in the dirty sex category. […]

Cosmic Ordering: Can you Order A Perfect Partner?

I know that it might sound strange that you can cosmic order a partner, but it is true. Did you know that the orgasm houses creative energy, so if you can visualize your partner during masturbation and feel happy and content just as you reach climax, you’ve already planted the seed with God or the […]

Pheromones: Find a Sexually Compatible Mate Without Artificial Fragrance

Human pheromones are odorless, but they are found in urine, perspiration, and sexual fluids. They are detected through the vomeronasal organ (VMO) located in the mouth and nose. This is why we can feel an animal attraction to some partners, and not others. There have been a number of studies conducted on natural pheromones. 19 […]

Butea Superba: Treat Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction

There will always be a vast number of male enhancement products that promise to increase penis size, enhance pleasure, prolong an erection and rid performance anxiety. Butea Superba is a herbal aphrodisiac that is proven to treat impotence and erectile dysfunction. A study proved that men were able to gain and maintain an erection more […]

Get a Bigger Penis: Do Male Enhancement Techniques Work?

Studies have indicated that the average penis size is approximately 5.1 to 5.9 inches long, and anything larger is a plus! The best way to measure your penis size is when it’s erect. Measure from the base of the penis to the tip with a tape measure or ruler. To measure the circumference of your […]

Junk Food: The Addiction Leading to Worldwide Obesity

Most of the “diet foods” appeal to women, but men need a little helping hand in that department. Junk food, or convenience foods, is the norm in such a crap food filled world. Society may tell us what to eat, that we should consume more protein than carbohydrates, but it’s not as easy to incorporate […]

Women To Avoid: The 5 Types of Women Who Use and Abuse

Women often scavenge for male prey together, and they are picky. The majority of women seek out good looks, manners, confidence, good dress sense, and money in a man, but if you’re one step ahead of the game, you will notice the women to avoid. And if you’re a player, it doesn’t mean that you […]

The Squirting Dildo: Explore Dirty Sex Together

There are some amazing sex toys available for couples. Now, while the squirting dildo may not the first thing that comes to mind to stick up your bum, as it’s 8-inches, it is an effective weapon to fuck a woman with. The great thing about the squirting dildo is that it has a hole at […]

Her Sexual Mind: Turn Her On With The Right Foreplay

If you know how to turn on a woman, you can easily turn her into putty in your hands. She’ll be at your command if you know how to push her buttons. Knowing how to tease her sexual mind into action is the main aim of the game. Unfortunately, women are not born with a […]

Get Even: The Best Way to Dump a Cheating Minx

If you have just discovered that your girlfriend has been cheating on you, it’s time to get even and play games with her head. Instead of throwing her out and calling her the usual words, why not keep quiet and give her a leaving present in the way of an explosive orgasm. I know this […]

4-Minute Workout: Build Lean Muscle Mass With The Tabata Protocol

There is the belief that weight training is the best way to build lean muscle mass, but this is a myth. Plyometric training, which incorporates jump movements into body weight training exercises, is an effective way to build lean muscle mass, as is high intensity interval training (HIIT). Tabata Intervals, aka the 4-minute workout, are […]

Weight Loss: The Importance of Breakfast

If you are searching for an easy way to long term weight loss, or striving to maintain lean muscle mass, it is paramount to eat regularly. Do not scrimp on calories with breakfast, but eat a healthy meal containing a minimum 500 calories. Breakfast could include fruit, cereal with yoghurt or milk, a muffin or […]

Wheatgrass: A Super Food Excellent For Bodybuilders

Wheatgrass is the leafy plant from the very early stages of a wheat plant. It is alkaline and suitable for individuals who suffer from wheat intolerance. It is sweet and palatable and sold as a shot through juicing bars. Wheatgrass is one of the known super foods that most celebrities rave about. It is a […]

Pizza: Lose Weight With Pitta Bread Pizzas

Pizza is often avoided on a diet, as it is fattening. However, adding more vegetables and less pepperoni makes it possible to lose weight with pizza. A basic pizza base is loaded with complex carbohydrates, and eating too many of these can leave you feel bloated and fatigued. This recipe uses wholemeal pitta bread as […]

Weight Loss: The Importance of Fats in the Diet

To achieve substantial weight loss, the body requires optimum nutrition. Monounsaturated fats, like those contained in rapeseed and olive oil, help the body to burn off saturated fats. Polyunsaturated fats are also beneficial and are found in sunflower oil. Many individuals turn to fat-free or low fat foods for rapid weight loss, but these types […]

Her Body Language: 10 Tips To Discover Whether She Likes You

Body language is far more powerful than words. In fact, body language accounts for ninety percent of the messages you portray to another. With this knowledge, read on to learn how to read her body language to discover whether she’s into you. Eye Contact: This is a biggie, since without her making eye contact with […]

How To Make A Water-Based Lubricant

The sex toy industry is huge, and one way they make a large profit is through lubricants. There are specialist condoms doused with lubricant, or you can opt for various sized bottles. However, if you don’t mind buying the ingredients, this article describes how to make a water based lubricant that has a long shelf […]

Steamy Sex: Write Horny Erotica Together

The bestseller by E L James, Fifty Shades of Grey is a worldwide phenomenon, it has whet the sexual appetite of many women, which gives you a great reason to share steamy sex with her tonight. This book is bound to stimulate her juices in more ways than one. While this book is designed to […]

Scare Her Off: 5 Ways To Make Her Hate You

At times, you may not want to be in a relationship, but you somehow need find a way to scare her off. Putting any of these five traits to good use will ensure that you scare her off. Men and women are similar in comparison, since some men would find burping and farting to be […]