Poo Health: How Your Waste Has A Face

You may not like discussing it but your bowel movements could be telling you something about your gastrointestinal (GI) health. The intestinal tract and surrounding gut is ground zero for a majority of immune system functions, so optimal GI health is essential to homeostasis, your systemic equilibrium. The next time you take a peek at […]

Macular Degeneration Vitamins for Men

One of our most cherished gifts is our eyesight, and the thought of losing this gift can be devastating.  Men and women suffer from health issues with differing prevalence and low vision due to age related macular degeneration is no different. Age related macular degeneration, or AMD, is an eye disease that affects the part […]

Can You Really Get Fit with 2 Minute Workouts?

Tony Bahu is the author and creator of 2MinuteFitness.com, which is a fitness program designed to get you burning fat fast. His revolutionary fitness program is all about living a fitness lifestyle without the headaches of long, time consuming workouts in the gym. Tony stumbled upon this method of fitness by accident and has created […]

Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: Will Ferrell

Zach sits down with Will Ferrell, the star of Everything Must Go, Anchorman and Old School, to talk about fruit and trade fist bumps with the host. Pretty Damn Funny!    

First Date Ideas From The Wing Girls

Where to take her on a first date. The Wing Girls is a weekly dating advice show for guys. Hosts Jet and Star give their opinions and how-to advice about relationships, sex, kissing, dating, and everything every guy wants to know about girls. New episodes every Wednesday.  

Women and Sexting

There’s this misconception about women and sexting that we’re not really into it. That’s pretty far from the truth; the problem is that guys usually do it wrong and the switch gets flipped to off. They’re not just words on a screen, it’s another form of foreplay. What you say or do can mean the […]

PIPA and SOPA – Anti Piracy or Anti Internet?

PIPA, the Protect IP Act sponsored by the Senate, and SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act sponsored by Congress, are closely related and can be considered as two different versions of the same anti piracy bill. Both bills have identical goals, which are for the most part to protect intellectual property from privacy, and provisions […]

How To Find and Stimulate The G-Spot

It’s by a guy named Jason Julius. And his tips and techniques on how to give women incredible pleasure are pure gold.  In the video Jason demonstrates how to find and stimulate a woman’s G Spot. Let me tell you I just got done watching this video and it blew me away!  Nothing like this […]

The Diet Solution Program Review

Title: The Diet Solution Program Review URL: www.TheDietSolutionProgram.com Review of The Diet Solution Program: The Program that Promises Fat Loss along with an incredible amount of Health and Vitality. The Diet Solution Program promises a complete and comprehensive weight loss program that will not only help you lose body fat, but guarantees you increased energy, […]

Gynecomastia-Treatment Options

The Truth About Gynecomastia I want to talk to you about something that is very real to some men, and a topic that many men email me about on a regular basis – Gynecomastia. Gynecomastia literally means enlargement of the breast, and with men it is feminization of the breast. It can become unsightly, and […]

P.E. Supplement Receives Top Honors

*****Detain X Gets 5 Stars***** Detain X gets five out of five stars as a natural male supplement to help men last longer in bed, not only because it works, but because I trust the product, the doctor, and the science behind it. Here are the reasons that I trust Detain X: It’s manufactured in […]

Trust Science! Learn The 1 Way To Delay Orgasm

More And More Men Are Putting Their Faith In Science When It Comes To Premature Ejaculation. Why? Because It Delivers Powerful Results! There are medications on the market for helping men with their premature ejaculation. However, the thought of driving to the doctor’s office, waiting for what seems like hours, and then having to fill […]

Warning! Heart Disease Linked To Erectile Dysfunction

Few Men Realize That Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Is An Early Symptom Of Potential Heart Disease. By Joe Barton, Founder of Barton Publishing, Expert in Alternative Natural Health Remedies Most men are under the mistaken idea that erectile dysfunction is an irreversible sentence that dooms them to a life of silent misery and shame. So as […]

Techniques For Delaying Orgasm During Sex

If P.E. is an issue for you, I would recommend using a condom every time you have sex.  There are great condoms on the market that can lighten the sensation during sex, and you should be using these condoms.  You can find them all over the web, or you can head to your local drugstore […]

Sex Positions: What Will Work Best For You?

Doggy Style Doggy style is a great position.  To me it’s very erotic because of the natural animal instinct it encompasses.  Many women like it too because they feel like they are being “taken” by their male partner, and it also provides for deep penetration and g-spot stimulation. Never squat during doggy style.  This puts […]

Sex Positions For Lasting Longer During Sex

Sex Positions That Will Help You Delay Your Orgasm! I’m sure you have realized that your ability to hold off ejaculation can vary from position to position.  Well, that is not a fluke.  Each and every position has a unique effect on both men and women.  Each position effects overall pleasure for both sexes, and […]

5 More Ways To Increase Testosterone Production

Below are 5 more ways to naturally increase testosterone levels. Don’t forget to check out the post with techniques 1-5 on how to increase testosterone. #6: Keep your testicles cold. If your testicles are exposed to prolonged heat, your sperm can literally start to dry up.  That is why your scrotum hangs lower than your […]

5 Ways To Naturally Produce Testosterone

Men are often looking for ways to increase testosterone. After all, that is what makes men men. Here are 5 easy ways to naturally increase your testosterone production. #1: Get enough sleep time. If you don’t get enough sleep, your body’s cortisol levels will raise, and that means lower testosterone levels.  Plus, getting at least […]

Exercise For Delaying Orgasm: 1 Second Stroke

The following is a great masturbation technique to help learn to delay ejaculation. Exercise:  Masturbation:  1 Second Stroke There are some experts who say to masturbate with little stimulation, or without visualization.  I think this is complete nonsense. I found that the best way to practice masturbation is with as much stimulation as possible.  I […]

The 5 Stages Of Arousal: Learn To Control Premature Ejaculation

I’ve read different books that go through the stages of arousal. Some books say there are as few as 2 stages, and some books say there are as many as10 stages.  I personally think 10 stages are too many, because it becomes difficult to remember each stage.  I also think that 2 stages are too […]