Sex Positions For Lasting Longer During Sex

Sex Positions That Will Help You Delay Your Orgasm!

I’m sure you have realized that your ability to hold off ejaculation can vary from position to position.  Well, that is not a fluke.  Each and every position has a unique effect on both men and women.  Each position effects overall pleasure for both sexes, and can vary our abilities to reach orgasm.  Knowing how and when to use different positions will have a powerful effect on your ability to delay orgasm.  You will also become a more confident, experienced sexual partner.  It’s a win/win situation.

Man On Top (Missionary)
The missionary position is the most well known and used position there is.  Everybody does the missionary position, and most likely it’s the first position that men and women experiment with when they have sex for the first time.  It’s one of the easiest and most pleasurable positions as well.

There are many experts who say that this position does not allow you much control over your arousal.  I disagree.  I think you have a lot of control.  This position is just very arousing, and tiring because you are supporting your body weight on your arms or legs.  This extra tension and fatigue can make it harder to concentrate on your arousal stages, but not impossible.

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Missionary is most likely the most intimate position as well.  Couples can kiss and hug, looking at each other closely.  Women feel very safe in this position.  It provides great stimulation for the clitoris and g-spot.  If you try

popping yourself up on your arms, raising your groin up a few inches, there will be increased stimulation through the contact of your pubic bone and the woman’s vulva.

Try having her bend her legs, which will allow herself to open, and in turn allows you to penetrate deeper.  Your partner can put her feet under her hips and rise up with her pelvis in order to have better leverage and control.

Another great technique is to use your butt for leverage.  Your partner places her hands on your butt, and pulls herself up to meet your strokes.  She has control of the intensity of the position, varying rhythm and angle of pressure so she can maximize clitoral stimulation.

Also, try having her hold her legs together, while you position your legs on either side of hers.  This will move the penis back and forth over the clitoris while you are penetrating her.  This greatly increases pleasure for both partners.

Woman On Top
The next most popular position is woman on top.  When she is on top, normally she is facing you.  However, she could also sit on top with her back to you, facing the same direction as you are.  This just changes it up a bit.  I enjoy it because I like reaching around and grabbing a woman’s breasts, and I can see her backside a bit.

This is also the best position for men to delay orgasm.  I love when a woman is on top because not only is it not exhausting and I last longer, but it’s also highly pleasurable for her.  Most women, but not all, have the easiest time reaching orgasm when they are on top.  That’s very good to know, because you might not even have to last very long before she “gets off.”

Since you are on your back and resting, you can pay much closer attention to your stages of arousal, breathing, and PC muscles.  This focus allows you to become fully aware of your mind and body, which will make you much more relaxed during sex.  She will have the ability to control speed and motion, giving her ultimate pleasure.

When she is on top, it is also a very clear view for a man to see his partner.  You can see her hair move around and her breasts move up and down.  You will have more freedom with your hands too.  You can explore her body very easily.

Women who don’t like being on top are usually self conscious about having their bodies open and exposed.  If she’s uncomfortable, have her keep a bra or tank top on until she gets more comfortable.  Compliment her on her body.  Women like hearing this.

Slight alterations to your positions can often times make a great difference, depending on what you want to achieve.  Going faster, slower, moving hips or legs a bit, or bending in different ways can all achieve varying results.

Experiment with these no matter what you’re trying to achieve.  You can hold hands when your partner is on top, which can help with balance and increase the intimacy level.  Put your hands on her butt and help work a back-and-forth motion into an up-and-down motion, increasing g-spot and clitoral stimulation.

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