Exercise For Delaying Orgasm: 1 Second Stroke

The following is a great masturbation technique to help learn to delay ejaculation.exercise

Exercise:  Masturbation:  1 Second Stroke
There are some experts who say to masturbate with little stimulation, or without visualization.  I think this is complete nonsense. I found that the best way to practice masturbation is with as much stimulation as possible.  I suggest the same for you too.  Obviously, everyone has different things that get them turned on sexually.  It might be pornographic videos, erotic pictures, or strong memory of a past encounter.  A sexual fantasy in your mind might do the trick also.  For me, it’s all about visuals through videos.

I know they are not for everyone, but they get me very aroused, and they were, and still are, the best way for me to practice masturbation with as much stimulation as possible. So, for this exercise, make sure that you are relaxed, can dedicate at least 10-20 minutes (preferably 20) to the whole process, have a great lubricant, and have the best form of stimulation for you.

I would also like you to be in a position that stimulates you the most. If that means lying on your back and watching a video, then do it. If sitting in a chair, standing up, or even getting on your knees gets you the most excited, then do that. It’s also important to have an erect penis.  I know it’s easy to do this without one, but do your best to get as hard as you can before you start really going at it.

Now, once you are in your most stimulating position, erect and have applied the lube, begin to slowly masturbate.  Even if you are watching a video and the actors are going at it a bit more aggressively, keep it slow.
A back and forth movement should take you roughly 1 second, which is a nice steady pace.  Keep this pace.  Even if you feel the urge to go faster and get it over with, DO NOT DO IT!  As you are doing this, pay attention to your arousal level and your breathing.  Concentrate on each stroke of your hand.  Try and visualize actual intercourse.  This might be a lot to try and think about at first, especially during masturbation, but you will get better at it each time you do it.

The point of this exercise is to not stop masturbating when you feel like you are going to ejaculate, which most men do.  You want to stop masturbating 20 seconds before you feel like you are going to ejaculate.  At first, you probably will miss the timing, but as you become more aware of your body and arousal points, you will become a master at timing this.

Now, this is where everyone is going to vary.  For some of you, ejaculation during sex occurs in literally seconds.  For others, it occurs in minutes.  You need to realize that no matter when it occurs for you normally, these techniques will work for you over time.  So, if you literally ejaculate 15 seconds into sex or masturbation, you have a bit more work than other men.

If you are one of these men, stopping 20 seconds before you feel like you are going to want to ejaculate really wouldn’t work since you are ejaculating even sooner than that.  So, I want you to take things very slowly.  You literally might need to take a few second break every few seconds.  This could be a bit tedious and boring, but it is highly necessary.  You need to start training your body to recognize and delay orgasm.

So, the point of this exercise is to be visually stimulated, use a 1 second stroke method, and stop masturbating 20 seconds before you feel like you’re going to ejaculate.  When you stop, stop for a full 5 seconds. Once the 5 seconds is over, begin the 1 second stroke method again. Repeat these steps for a full 10-20 minutes, if possible.

Remember, you might not be able to do it at first.  That is completely okay. When I first started doing this, I ejaculated within 2 minutes the first 5 times I did it!  It was hard for me.  However, I stuck to this exact formula, and I began to become aware of my mental and physical arousal states, and my timing and ability to last grew quickly.  I was conditioning myself.  The human body responds very well to repetitive and reoccurring actions.

Learn one of the best ways to delay orgasm.

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