The 5 Stages Of Arousal: Learn To Control Premature Ejaculation

arousalI’ve read different books that go through the stages of arousal. Some books say there are as few as 2 stages, and some books say there are as many as10 stages.  I personally think 10 stages are too many, because it becomes difficult to remember each stage.  I also think that 2 stages are too few.  I’ve found the easiest and most effective number of arousal stages to be 5.  These 5 stages cover from when a man is first aroused, to when he inevitably climaxes.

It’s important that you understand these 5 stages, and the specific reactions you feel during each stage. Becoming aware of these different reactions and the 5 stages will be crucial in your ability to understand your body.  It’s also crucial to understand them because it will be directly correlated to your overall success in delaying your orgasm and permanently ending your premature ejaculation.


1.    There is an initial trigger that sparks interest in a male. This trigger could be physical or it could be mental.  You might not even experience an erection in this stage, but you know that you are beginning to get turned on sexually.

2. The arousal level in the male has been raised. An erection is most likely present, and arousal reactions (increased heart rate and blood flow) are beginning to occur. There is direct contact like touching/kissing, or both.

3. At this point, there is direct contact with the penis. Intercourse has started, oral sex, or a hand is touching the penis. The male is starting to experience more arousal reactions.increase stamina

4. All arousal reactions are occurring.  Your heart rate and blood pressure continue to increase.  Your muscles tense up. Strong feelings of euphoria are taking place.  Blood is flowing strongly to the penis, and the penis is feeling more and more engorged. The male is starting to sense an orgasm coming on.

5. The sexual pleasure and arousal reactions have reached maximum heights.  Your mind and body is doing everything it can to climax.  The male reaches a point where ejaculation is inevitable. The orgasm occurs, the penis begins to become flaccid, and your arousal reactions start to slow down.

As I stated earlier, most men really aren’t fully aware of these stages. One might get better at subconsciously detecting them as he gets older and has more experience, but rarely will that same person be fully conscious of these 5 stages.  It’s also important to note that there is no specific time frame for all these 5 stages to occur.  One man might experience all of these stages in 2 minutes, while other men might take 10 minutes to complete all 5.

That is the main issue here.  You need to become aware and take control of the arousal reactions and arousal stages so you can begin to train your mind and body to delay ejaculation.  The goal is to remain in stage 4 for as long as possible.  You will be able to experience the maximum amount of pleasure in this stage, without reaching orgasm.

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