Arousal Reactions: Become Aware Of Your Body

arousalGetting to know your body better truly can make a difference in your ability to last during sex. Below is a list of the reactions your body goes through as it’s getting excited for sexual activity.

Arousal Reactions

  • Increased heart rate
  • Blood pressure increase
  • Testicles draw closer to body
  • Breathing increases rapidly
  • Leg muscles tense up
  • Butt muscles tense up
  • Foot muscles often tense up
  • Pelvic muscles tense up
  • Strong sense of euphoria
  • Difficulty focusing on outside world
  • Difficulty thinking rationally

The first step is to become fully aware of everything this happening when you are being aroused.  Try to become familiar with your breathing, your thinking, and your physical reactions. This is going to be hard at first.  Like I said, most men are completely unaware of all the little reactions that are occurring during sexual excitement.  This is a very important step though in the whole process.

If you notice that you are breathing heavily through your mouth, try and slow it down and begin breathing out your nose.  If you realize that your body is tensing up, try and relax it. If you are thinking about something, try and focus your attention elsewhere.  If you are moving too slowly, try and speed yourself up.

Basically, start becoming aware of how you are reacting during foreplay and sex, and do your best to start controlling those reactions.  The more you become aware of everything that is happening to you during arousal and sex the more you will be able to control those reactions.  As you continue doing this, it will become easier and easier to control, and you will also become fully aware of what keeps you calm, and what does not.

Becoming aware of one’s sexual self takes a bit of time, but it’s very, very powerful once you reach a level of top awareness.

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