Erectile Dysfunction Treatment – 3 Options For Men

istock_000005459363xsmallIf you are suffering from erectile dysfunction there are options that can help. If you are looking into erectile dysfunction treatment options these are the three that you are going to run across. The first is prescription medications. The second is the use of herbal remedies and finally there is the use of implants.

The use of prescriptions is one of the most common remedies for ED. This treatment option uses drugs to increase blood flow to the genital area and in turn create an erection. There are a number of prescriptions out there. The effects are similar between drugs and there are a number of side effects that should be considered when taking these drugs.

Herbal supplements may be able to create the same effect as prescription drugs without most of the side effects. These herbal remedies often take slightly longer to work than prescription drugs as they work to increase the balances of certain enzymes and chemical responses within the body. As a result, they have less of an overall negative effect on the body.

The third option is the use of penile implants. These implants usually come in two different types and while they can be highly effective especially for individuals who do not want to take medications or who do not see results with medications, they do come with a considerable amount of risk. The insertion of an implant is a medical procedure and a surgery. The first type is an inflatable device, which is inflated at the time an erection is desired and deflated when it is no longer needed. The second is a semi rigid device, which is inserted and then maintains the penis in a semi erected position. This may be a perfect option for some men who suffer from less rigid erections.

These are the three most frequently used options when it comes to treating the effects of erectile dysfunction. The use of medication is one of the most widely used however it does not work for all men and there are some who cannot take these types of oral treatments. The second option of herbal supplements has a similar difficulty, it takes a while as much as 12 weeks to show results and then the results may be less than satisfactory. However, this treatment option does not have the side effects of the other options available for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

The third option of penile implants was at one point the only option that was available for the resolution of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. This involves the use of surgery and the implantation of either an inflatable device or a semi rigid device, which is inserted into the penis. There are of course side effects and concerns that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to any surgical procedure. This must also be taken into consideration when making the determination of what type of erectile dysfunction treatment option to go with. The most important thing is to choose one that works for you.

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