How Can I Be A Better Lover In Bed? – Top 3 Answers

foreplayI’m not sure I know of too many men who can claim that they are flawless with regard to sex and that that their women are 100% satisfied. If you’ve often asked yourself the question, “How can I be a better lover in bed” then you are one step closer to becoming one! As with anything, admitting that you have the “problem” is the first step in solving it and if you truly do want to become better in bed, take it from a woman when I tell you there are 3 things that are a must in order for you to become so great of a lover she’ll never want to get out of bed!

First thing you must learn how to do guys is control your orgasm! What I mean by that is if you are getting of before she is then she isn’t being satisfied, plain and simple. It requires much more time for a woman to be able to come so it is imperative you guys find a way to ward off your orgasms in order to bring her to one. This isn’t as hard as it may sound! There are several different exercises, vitamins and lotions that can help any guy to control their orgasms while getting their partner to the point of having her own. Some exercises can be easily performed and if a regimen is maintained every day it can have you lasting longer in bed in no time!

Foreplay is another crucial element with regard to getting her off. Women’s bodies are so completely different in the way they work and take longer for a woman to get her juices flowing to the point where she’s wet enough and ready for you to enter her. A lot of guys tend to get right down to the nitty-gritty without “priming” her first, that can even result in the sex being painful! By engaging in the right amount of foreplay not only can you drive her crazy but you can also bring her closer to orgasm so that when you do finally enter her she’ll be ready to climax. It also helps if you are the one doing most of the touching, the less stimulation to your own body, the more likely you are to be able to control your own orgasm.

Last but definitely not least, a major ingredient to becoming a better lover is to carry the attitude and the confidence that it takes to make one! The bedroom really isn’t the place to be shy and intimidated if you are interested in becoming a great lay! In fact, confidence usually leads to being able to do just about anything let alone in the bedroom. By showing that you aren’t afraid and are in fact very much in control, without being dominating mind you, your woman will be that much more turned on. Women love it when their man takes control of the situation and does so to please them!

So in answering the question “How can I be a better lover in bed”, by implementing these three elements I’m sure you will see a major change in the quality of your sex life, not to mention the quantity as well!

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