Tips For Sexual Stamina – What Every Guy Should Know

You find yourself in the situation where you are reaching orgasm before your partner way too often and it’s becoming a problem for both of you. Fortunately, there are various tips for sexual staminaman-and-woman-bed designed to help any man in becoming a better lover by lengthening his sexual endurance! It’s a well known fact that women take longer to not only become aroused sexually but to achieve orgasm as well and if the man in the situation is getting off before the woman, then there is definitely a problem. It’s one thing if it happens only once in a while but if it is a continual event, it could really hinder what should and could be a very healthy sex life!

Premature ejaculation has often been target of the misconception that a man orgasms far before even entering into the vaginal walls of a woman. This truly isn’t the case all the time and in fact is better described as a man not being able to control his orgasm and therefor coming before his partner is able to reach orgasm. Thankfully the topic has been fully explored and the causes have been more easily understood which in turn has produced a wide array of techniques, exercises and products aimed in increasing sexual stamina.

  1. Exercises- Flexing a muscle that runs between the anus to right under the testicles called the “Kegel” muscles can help in controlling orgasm. That’s right boys, women aren’t the only ones with these muscles and by exercising them everyday, you can easily build up that muscle to help hold back your orgasm! By flexing that area and holding it for 10 seconds in reps of 20 you are strengthening that muscle and at the same time, learning how to control the sensation to that area while having sex.

  1. Mind Over Matter- It’s been long recognized that those who have anxiety over not pleasing their woman basically bring it on themselves by worrying so much about it in the first place! Because your thoughts are continuously on that one area, your penis, you are psychologically pulling all of the sensation to that area. Instead, try to feel the sensation in other parts of your body while you are having sex, for example the muscles of your legs flexing, the pressure on your knees, regulating your breathing…you’d be amazed at just how effective this technique can be.

  1. Vitamins, Lotions and Potions- There are a variety of all types of performance enhancing products on the market today that promise to deliver fast results! These products can be purchased over the counter at many pharmacies as well as big chain retailers. There is a limitless supply of products that are sold online as well that give the added benefit of being delivered discreetly to your door. The hardest part about using any of these types of products is exactly which one to choose!

Being able to last long enough in bed in order to please your woman is essential in keeping your sex life pleasurable and healthy! It’s not always best to finish first, especially when it comes to sex but by implementing these tips for sexual stamina, you should be on the path to creating an exciting romp in the sack for which you BOTH can receive satisfaction!

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