How To Have A Better Stroke In Bed – What Every Guy MUST Know

unhappy womanObviously you must feel as though you are lacking somewhere in the sack or you wouldn’t be researching information on how to have a better stroke in bed! I applaud your effort in finding ways to become a better lover and trust me when I tell you, the woman in your life will as well. Whether you are looking to enhance your endurance in the sack, spice up your moves or include more, or even just ease your curiosity about what other people are doing these days it shows you have an interest and it’s perfectly healthy. All too often guys get stuck in their old habits while the women in their lives suffer silently from not being satisfied in bed for fear of killing her man’s self esteem. With the right information and a little effort, you too can become a great lover no matter what your age, background or social status, sex does not discriminate.

One thing is for sure a crucial key element in becoming so great in the sack she’ll never want to get out of bed with you and that’s endurance. It’s a known fact that most women take much longer to achieve orgasm than a man does and if you find you are finishing before she does, obviously she’s not being satisfied! Using techniques much like exercises, vitamins and lotions can help you to last longer in bed in order to make sure she gets hers. Remember, there are 2 of you in the bed and if only one is having an orgasm that means the other isn’t and that can become not only redundant but extremely frustrating. Not to mention the number it can do on a guys self esteem!

Another imperative when it comes to pleasing her is foreplay, lots of it! Especially if you’re having the problem where you are coming before she is. Making sure she is hot and wet enough before actual intercourse can only help speed things along for her to the point where even if you haven’t mastered controlling your orgasm, you can help to control hers! With the right amount of foreplay and stimulation you can have her ready to come before you even enter her which almost always ensures she gets off.

Try as many different positions as your bodies will allow for! You’d be amazed at just how great of a tactic this will become with regard to getting her off. Certain positions will be better than others with regard to stimulation but you’ll never know which ones work until you experiment with them. You’ll know by her reaction what’s working and what isn’t so don’t be afraid to try new things.

To really spice things up you could always try role playing as well. There’s nothing sexier than a doctor and his naughty nurse! No matter what information you gather on how to have a better stroke in bed you’re sure to learn something new, never be afraid to implement what you learn otherwise why waste your time on the research?

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