Sexual Stamina – What She Won’t Tell You!

I’m not really sure where men came up with the idea that as long as THEY are “ready to blow” so to speak, their woman with whom they are having sex MUST BE as well. Let’s go ahead and squash that theory for good guys, because speaking as a woman, sexual stamina is about as important as having a hard penis is to performing the deed! Contrary to popular belief, woman aren’t looking for that 5 hour marathon sex session you hear about in songs and tabloids but we do need you to last a little longer than you normally would when only trying to please yourself! Don’t forget, there is someone else in the bed with you and if they aren’t happy you can bet they won’t be there for too long.


It is a scientific fact that while are women are different when it comes to their bodies and arousal time, it does take them longer than their male counterparts to achieve orgasm. In a recent study in Canada, the average time it took for females to become fully aroused sexually to the point of having an orgasm was 11 minutes. Of course that number isn’t true for all females but as a whole, females do take longer to come than males, who in that same study were able to achieve full sexual arousal to the point of orgasm in 3 minutes! Going by these numbers, males have about 8 minutes in between to satisfy their woman enough to make them orgasm.woman-in-bed1

It is crucial when it comes to sex to be able to satisfy your woman and unfortunately, if you are the type of man who thinks only of himself while having sex then you are sure to moving on to another partner before too long! That’s not to say that all men can help it, perhaps you’re not just being selfish but really do have a hard time making yourself last longer, maybe you just didn’t know that sexual stamina was an issue. Now that you do, it’s important to discover ways to help you last longer in bed in order to be able to satisfy your woman to the point of orgasm. Think of it this way, sure it feels good for the both of you while you are making love but can you imagine how frustrating it must be to be a woman who can never achieve an orgasm due to her partner finishing before her? To her, what’s the point of having sex if the only one sure to orgasm is YOU!


There are several ways to increase your sexual stamina and many of them are practices you can immediately start to utilize. By relaxing your body and your mind during the act of sex you can teach yourself to hold off an orgasm for quite some time which gives her a chance to achieve one herself. If this doesn’t work for you there are several vitamins, lotions and potions that are available for purchase and can be sent directly to your home in a very discreet manner if bought off of the internet. Of course these same types of stamina aides can be purchased at your local pharmacy as well if you don’t want to wait for them to be delivered!


Sex is a vital part of any relationship and being able to bring your woman to orgasm is just as important for maintaining a healthy sex life! If you find that you are “quick to come” but your woman isn’t, it may be wise to find ways to increase your sexual stamina in order for you to both enjoy a romp in the sack. Trust me, your woman will thank you for taking the initiative to better your performance so as to better her experience!


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