Are Black Girls or White Girls Better In Bed?

Naked young amorous couple kissing and embracingIt’s an age old question: Are black girls or white girls better in bed? I’m not exactly sure of how that question can even be answered seeings how every person is different with respect to what they like in bed anyways. As for who can provide it better? I guess that would be a matter of opinion not to mention preference on the receivers end but after a little research, the results were surprising! Because of the fact that I am a woman, and a heterosexual one at that, it would be very hard for me to answer that question but I did take the liberty to exercise my rights as a human to inquire of the opposite sex that very question. With a ‘no holds bar’ approach I turned to my secret weapons, my brothers and their friends, and this is what I found out…

I heard everything from white girls are lazy in bed to black girls don’t like to give head! Black girls almost always like it on top where white girls prefer to be dominated. I was even told that black women are more prone to not like to receive oral sex but that can’t be true, pretty much every woman I know whether they’re black, white, red, or blue LOVE to receive oral sex! In fact, looking back I wonder if that poor gentlemen used his ridiculous belief as an excuse to not perform cunnilingus which may explain why he is no longer with that particular black woman!

Interestingly enough, pretty much unanimously across the board every guy I posed the question to did agree on one thing: black women seem to be more at peace with the way their bodies look and that stroke of confidence does seem to make them less inhibited  from performing more confidently in bed! Perhaps that isn’t altogether true but it sure did not seem to be a secret to the men I interviewed. Does that mean all white girls lack the confidence and self esteem to perform great in bed? Of course that can’t be true for all, but if nothing else it’s an interesting observation!

Most men did agree on one thing, it really does just depend on the individual and their preferences and race normally isn’t a factor when it comes to great sex. Some men prefer to date white women where some prefer black, it’s a matter of taste and even solidity in a relationship. The more comfortable you are in a relationship the more you are prone as a couple regardless of race to cater to each other’s likes. It’s a dance you perfect over time and and the color of your skin has nothing to do with who’s better in bed!

So, in answering the question are black girls or white girls better in bed it’s safe to say the answer would have to be that there is no answer! When it comes to sex there are no boundaries to a persons knowledge or performance with regard to race. It all just depends upon a man’s personal taste in women and how well she can satisfy him in the bedroom, and the color of your skin has nothing to do with that.


  1. $%^&

    There is no possible way that one race can be lumped together into one category.

    HOWEVER, based on my observations through personal experience, preppy black women and mixed-race (white+black) women who like white guys are FAH-REAKS!

    I have yet to meet one who wasn’t into hardcore anal and some really nasty fetishes that are generally off limits in the American sex scene. I’m talking about stuff that you might find on an Asian or Brazilian fetish website.

    Are all black and mixed-race women into the aforementioned? Absolutely not, but I have yet to meet one that wasn’t.

    I will tell you this; I stopped dating white women a long time ago, even though I am attracted to them. I grew sick and tired of having to pretend like I didn’t enjoy anal and hardcore fetishes while dating white women. You only have one life; why spend it with a woman who is not compatible with you, sexually.

    Some might think that is petty. I don’t. With scientific advancements, men can now have sex into their 80’s and 90’s. That is a long time to go without something that you desire. That is why I recommend that couples have open, honest dialogue about their sexual preferences. Imagine if you enjoyed receiving oral, but your husband was unwilling to provide for you? Wouldn’t that effect your sex-life? You bet.

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