Techniques To Be Better In Bed – Have Her Begging For More!

Great lovers aren’t born, they’re made. They’ve had the practice and throughout the course of their lifetime have studied then implemented techniques to be better in bed. The wonderful thing is that with the right know how and education, ANY man has the capacity to become a better lover and hold on to that reputation! Whether you have a very active, fulfilling sex life or are going through a dry spell at this particular moment, there is no bad time to start researching the ways you can satisfy any woman and make her come begging for more every time. It doesn’t matter who you are, what your background is or even how many lovers you’ve had in the past, you too can become so incredible in bed that your woman wouldn’t dare brag about it for fear the word just may get out paving the way for other women to to ease their curiosity about you!

Let’s face it, the main goal to having sex is the final outcome, the orgasm! Unfortunately, more often than not a man’s stamina doesn’t allow him to perform long enough to satisfy his partner and he ends up coming before she does. There are so many methods available for those men who desire to last longer in bed including exercises, vitamins, lotions and potions. Endurance is crucial for being able to get your woman off and by applying some of the techniques researched and listed in books, magazines and even online you should be able to do just that!

Educate yourself as to how the female body works and you’d be amazed at just how ineffective some of the moves you’re used to performing really are! It’s no secret that the vagina is a pretty complex part of the body but by learning how to master the stimulation and pressure to a womans clitoris you will be mastering a skill that will drive her crazy! The right amount of stimulation is imperative for bringing her to orgasm and the sensation starts by knowing where to do it and how much pressure to apply to that area. Once you get the general idea of the clitoris and it’s role in her orgasmistock_000003943443xsmall, with a little guidance from her by asking questions you’ll know doubt bring her to her knees! Remember, while all women do share the same parts, each feel pleasure differently, what may feel great for one may not do a thing for another so it’s up to you to inquire what works for her.

There are so many resources  a guy can tap into when he is searching for techniques to be better in bed but the main key to being a complete turn on is something you can’t find in a book: CONFIDENCE! Shedding any insecurities you may have about sex and going with the flow can have amazing results in becoming a better lover. Those great lovers we talked about in the beginning of this article didn’t acquire the reputation because they were shy in bed! They didn’t just “think” they were great lovers, they “knew” it, and you are too, you just have to summons up that part of yourself that’s been buried!




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