First Time Sex Tips – 5 Ways To Approach Sex With a New Woman!

Sexually Satisfy Your WomanHaving sex for the first time with someone new can be more nerve wracking than pleasurable due to our own insecurities. With first time sex tips you can take what should be a pleasurable event and make it just that. Whether you’ve just come out of a long term relationship with someone with whom you were comfortable being naked in front of for a long period of time or haven’t had sex in a while with anyone, applying these tips can help the first time with a new woman make a great impression and can help to build the foundation for a long lasting, healthy sexual relationship!

1.    Try to relax! Anxiety over whether you will be able to please your new lady in bed will almost always ensure that you don’t. Stress can be a huge culprit when you are are trying to concentrate on satisfying her only to find you’ve put all of your focus on your penis, and then it delivers. Only too early. Anxiety can almost always be blamed for poor sexual performance.

2.    Don’t expect to get her off the first time you have sex. I hate to tell you but it’s true, great sex is a dance you perfect over time with the same partner. It may take a couple of rolls in the hay to learn what it is she truly likes and what stimulates her the most, until then, enjoy the practice!

3.    Don’t skip out on the foreplay! I know the first time with someone new can make you so nervous you almost just want to get it over with but don’t forget that women need a little more time to become aroused and naturally lubricated. The last thing you want is to enter her when she’s not fully ready as it can be painful for her which is certainly not a very pleasant experience. Besides, foreplay is a great way to discover your new lady’s likes and dislikes which is always a bonus to use the next time around!

4.    Don’t have too high of expectations for your first time with someone new. More than likely she’s just as nervous as you are and is worried about impressing you too. Again, sex is one of those things that gets better as you go along. The more comfortable you get with each other the easier it will be to vocalize exactly what it is you like. If you set the bar to high for your first time I can almost guarantee neither of you will live up to the standard!

5.    WEAR A CONDOM! I can’t stress this enough! It is imperative that you make sure you have the proper protection before you sleep with anyone new. You don’t know their sexual history as of yet and she may not even be aware of some types of silent STD’s she might have. Not to mention the fact that you could also carry one that you don’t even know about as some lay dormant in males while women are the ones with the symptoms. Neither scenario is a good one so be smart and wrap it up!

New relationships are quite exciting in the beginning but the the first time you have sex with a new person can be a little overwhelming. Just keep these first time sex tips in the back of your mind and you’ll do fine! The good stuff comes along in due time, but enjoy the discovery stage while you’re in it!


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    i want to do sex with my neighbour lady,how to intraduce this, i think she like me…………..

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