How To Last Longer in Bed: What She Wishes You Knew

love horoscopeWe women are very frustrated with men who want to know how to last longer in the bed. Men have the best intentions, because they know how it takes us ladies longer, almost twice as long as men on average to have an orgasm. You guys really want to please us and we know that. Lasting longer in bed is not really what we want from men. Well, yes we do, but not like that. Let me explain.

Yes women need more time to orgasm than men do. But that time can be all day long. Foreplay isn’t just something that begins in the bedroom. Foreplay happens in how you look at us, tell us we look pretty or just take the time to say good morning. So, if you really want to know how to last longer in the bed, start before breakfast.

What women wish you men knew is that we want love and affection. How long you last in bed isn’t nearly as important as how you made us feel before you were there in the bed. If you are dating us, we are not just conquests. If you live with us, we are not your maid. Believe me when I say, a woman that cares about you, knows how to help you last as long as it takes. But when there’s no respect involved, that’s when it comes down to everyone for themselves.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a huge, hard erection as much as the next girl. For a woman that’s not the determining thing we need to get off in bed. We like long, slow sensual sex that starts in the morning and lasts all day. Then later we have intercourse. And, wow, is ever great for us at that time.

Just to last longer in the bed isn’t sexy at all. You men are running out there taking all these erectile enhancing pills, prescription or herbal, it doesn’t matter. They work, oh boy do they work! But what any woman with any sense in her head, wants to be slammed for five hours.

Real life is not a porn movie. We don’t want you pumping us all night long or coming on our face. Really, we don’t. We might get used to the butt slapping, but really that’s for you guys. This is really where the problem comes in though. So many of you guys “learn to make love” from porn. That isn’t love making. It’s only ends up being another word that starts with an “F.”

The sad thing is so many men are truly baffled when they think they fail during sex. They automatically assume they have to last longer in bed in order to pleasure a woman. Guys, ask a woman you trust for simple information on how to last longer in the bed.  You may find it’s less pressure and more pleasure than you would ever thought.

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