Imipramine Male Fertility – A Possilbe New Miracle Cure!

love positionsMen suffering from low or no sperm count may have a new alternative medication to try with regard to successfully fertilizing an egg to establish paternity. Imipramine male fertility treatment is the latest in medical technology that can help those couples out there who are unable to get pregnant. Normally, for a couple to be considered infertile they must have tried for at least one year having unprotected intercourse resulting in no pregnancy. While there are other alternatives for males with less severe complications, men who have been subject to the condition of retrograde ejaculation may benefit greatly from the use of this new treatment.

Retrograde ejaculation is a result of retro peritoneal surgery, a type of operation performed on patients with testicular cancer. Due to the surgery, during orgasm the sperm from the semen actually dumps into the bladder or aren’t released at all. The only way to tell if they are in fact emptying into the bladder is to test the urine. If no sperm is present in the urine then it’s safe to assume that none are being produced at all or in no way can fit through the barrier left by some scar tissue. Without further therapy, the chances of fertilizing an egg in order to produce a child are almost none.

Imipramine has been studied recently in patients who have undergone the surgery and have no luck achieving conception with their partners. The drug itself is a triglyceride anti-depressant and was used on 11 test subjects, all for whom had been suffering from retrograde ejaculation. The results were absolutely astonishing! Out of the 11 patients, 10 were able to produce sperm. Of those 10, 6 successfully fertilized the egg which resulted in pregnancy. In the remaining 5, 4 fertilized the egg but did NOT produce a pregnancy. The remaining one was not able to fertilize the egg but still was able to produce sperm.

Even for those test subjects who were not able to produce a pregnancy, the fact that they could produce the sperm is an amazing advance for reproductive science! That sperm can then be withdrawn to artificially inseminate their partners egg producing a paternal relationship. The most incredible find in this study was the fact that the drug had only been administered for 7 days prior to the timed ovulation! One week later and men who couldn’t so much a produce sperm were able to fertilize an egg resulting in pregnancy!

It has yet to be established whether Imipramine can help in every and all situations where there is a reproductive challenge due to low or no sperm count. Imipramine male fertility treatment will continue to be tested and any advancements will be made public as soon as it is deemed a safe treatment for every male. So far, Imipramine has been deemed safe for those men who have have suffered from low sperm and no sperm count due to retrograde ejaculation but anything beyond that has yet to develop.

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