How To Last Longer While Having Sex – Flip Your Position

Naked young amorous couple kissing and embracingNature has a rather cruel sense of humor by making it easier for men to reach orgasm than women. If you want to know how to last longer while having sex, you may only need to flip your position on the subject. Changing positions during sex can be the easiest way for men to attain longer lasting erections.

In the never ending quest to make women sing, men often find the best sexual position that gives them the best feeling and last long enough for her, and then they stick with it. Most men have a favorite sexual position that gives them the optimum excitement, but not duration. Practice may make perfect, but it can also encourage climaxing too soon. Changing your position to one less stimulating is how to last longer while having sex.

Because it’s so important for a man to be able to control his ejaculations, they tend to do the same things in bed that have always worked for them. The trick is to experiment to find positions that aren’t as stimulating, but keep you going longer for her. Then you switch back and forth between the positions you find highly erotic, and the ones that are just okay. That’s how to last longer while having sex by flipping positions.

Men report that the position that allows them some pleasure, but delays their orgasm is when the woman is on top. This is great, because it’s also the favored position most women say gets them off the best. When the woman is on top, she can control the motion and pressure of his penis and at the same time, stimulate her clitoris to orgasm. Maybe Nature doesn’t have us completely beat after all.

Although it may take some time to find the right combination of positions to give both you and your woman the right arousal duration, I’m sure it’ll be a pleasure exploring. You and your mate will feel a closer bond and spark renewed excitement in your relationship just by experimenting with new positions.

There’re many books out there that have tasteful illustrations and photos that outline different sexual positions. Most of the time the books will also describe in general what the man and the woman may feel in each position. Books are always great research tools, but the most fun way to find new positions is just to make them up with each other. See what amplifies or tones down the excitement for each other. In that way, the two of you will come up with positions that are your own dance.

When you find the right positions for you to delay ejaculation long enough for her to get her orgasm, and then you can switch to get your greatest explosion, that’s how to last longer while having sex in the long run. You can defeat Nature’s bad joke on the sexes by using positions to allow your woman the time to build her pleasure, then you can move to another and get yours too.

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