Erectile Dysfunction – What Is It?

istock_000004835563xsmallErectile dysfunction is often known as impotence. There are numerous causes and it effects a number of men throughout the world. Some of the causes for ED include diabetes, cardiovascular leakage and trauma from things like prostatectomy surgery can also cause this problem. Other causes may include things such as issues with the pituitary glands or a drop in testosterone. Smoking, obesity, alcohol can also contribute to the lack of erection. Physiological factors may also play a role in the cause of ED.

The definition of ED is a lack of physical response in other words the ability to obtain an erection in most severe cases. In other cases it may be a less rigid erection or the loss of an erection during penetration. It is not premature ejaculation where climax comes earlier than desired in the case of most erectile dysfunction cases no climax is reached. While the initial cause may be physical in nature the reaction may cause psychological repercussions, which may in turn cause the problem to worsen. There are a number of ways that you can tell if you are suffering from ED. In fact, the symptoms of ED may actually be able to tell you if you if you may want to check into other more serious medical conditions.

There are ways to tell if you are suffering from the results of ED. The symptoms or severity depends on what the causes behind the symptoms are. You may experience the minor symptoms, which may include a less rigid erection or difficulty obtaining an erection, for example it may take longer to obtain an erection than usual. These are the beginning signs though there may be more sudden and severe indications. You may lose the ability to obtain an erection completely. Either this may be the inability to obtain an erection during intercourse, usually at the time of penetration or it may be the inability to obtain one at all. It is important to keep in mind that ED does not necessarily mean the total loss of an ability to obtain an erection. Many people believe this and often miss the signs of less severe symptoms, which can also be indications of ED.

Erectile dysfunction is often called impotency and it is the inability to obtain or maintain an erection to the point of climax. This is not to be confused with PE or premature ejaculation, which involves climaxing prior to the desired time. Symptoms may be caused by a variety of both physical and mental issues. Physical issues include nerve damage due to surgery, cardiovascular aliments and diabetes. Aging can also play a factor in ED. Mental causes include anxiety, depression and thoughts of inadequacy. You may want to consider checking with a medical professional if you exhibit the following symptoms, the inability to obtain an erection, the inability to maintain an erection during intercourse, the loss of an erection during intercourse involving penetration, and erections, which are less rigid than previously experienced.

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