Fertility Tests For Men – What Doctors Look For

Trying to conceive a child and not having any luck in doing so can be such a  heartbreaking, stressful thing for couples to endure. While past experience in research has showed women to be the main topic of concern,  fertility testing male sperm has finally taken it’s rightful place in the forefront of the field. It’s now known that male sperm is subject to be the cause in not getting pregnant in at least 30% of the cases. In 20% it’s a combination of both the male and female together that hold up the process so in essence, male sperm accounts for 50% of infertility problems. Unfortunately, men aren’t subject to the tests until all other options for the woman have been exhausted. Only then, after much time and money do they find that it was the male sperm that was the culprit all along.

How is Fertility Testing Practiced on Men?

Men often times find the procedure for fertility testing to be a little embarrassing due to the nature of the specimen that needs to be collected. Doctors are after all looking at the amount of sperm in a semen sample and the method of delivery is a necessary evil! Men undergoing the testing are sent to a private room adorned with all types of “sexual aid material” such as porn videos and magazines. It’s in this room that men are required to “make the magic happen” and catch the sample in a cup. The reason why the sample must be retrieved in the office is to keep the temperature of the sperm warm enough for the sperm to resume normal activity.

What Does The Doctor Look Forman with arms behind head

The test sample of the semen will reveal the quality as well as the quantity of the sperm. Doctors are looking to see if there is an adequate number to be used in reproduction or if the count is very low. In some cases there is no sperm at all, just the seminal fluid that is ejaculated. In other instances the sperm is found to have abnormalities in functionality, meaning they have a hard time moving their way through the obstacles to get to the egg in order to penetrate it. The doctor can use his findings from the sample to better implement a plan with regard to fertility treatment.

Depending on the situation, the fertility specialist may suggest a natural supplement to enhance sperm production or even special exercises. If the sperm is found to be completely healthy then it may be time to discuss the options available to the couple in helping to get pregnant.

If a couple has been trying to get pregnant for at least a year and nothing has happened, it’s always a good idea to try fertility testing male sperm to rule that out out before spending lots of time, money and heartache elsewhere. In the past, the men have been overlooked when it comes to infertility, especially if they’ve never had any operations such as a vasectomy. Even though upon ejaculation everything may look like it’s in order, it isn’t until the specimen is slid under a microscope that anyone can know for sure.

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