Diabetes and Male Fertility – Is there Truly a Link?

Erectile IssuesFor years doctors have researched if there were any link between diabetes and male fertility and so far, it seems to be a stalemate within the scientific community. Recent studies in England suggest that diabetes does have the capacity to produce low quality sperm and sperm count. Other doctors would agree to disagree on this study as they claim that patients they have treated for diabetes are no more likely to suffer from low sperm count than those men without the disease. So what will it take to find out what the answer truly is when it comes to male fertility and diabetes?

Scientists claim to have uncovered DNA evidence that proves that diabetes does effect male fertility. Studying the DNA of over 27 males average age of 33 versus the same number of males with diabetes showed a link between a damaged DNA and low sperm count for the men studied with diabetes. However, since diabetes is a controllable disease through diet or on more severe cases, doses of insulin, other scientist claim that diabetes should have no effect on the male fertility.

Diabetes can lead to neurovascular abnormalities which may contribute to poor circulation with regard to getting and sustaining an erection. It can also cause an irregular function called retrograde ejaculation. What happens is upon ejaculation, the semen isn’t properly emptied through the vas deferens tube and instead empties into the bladder. The only way of knowing this is to take a sample of urine and test it to see if it in fact carries sperm. Testing the actual semen itself wouldn’t be able to show if the sperm is getting wrongly entered into the bladder seeings how many men, even without diabetes can have low to no sperm count.

Proper nutrition has a profound effect on the quality and quantity of sperm as well. Diabetics should adhere to a special diet especially if they are suffering from a severe form of the disease where insulin injections are a must. By eating right and following a healthy exercise regimen, diabetics can help themselves to maintain healthy sperm count as well as ward off the common occurrence of erectile dysfunction.

It really isn’t exactly clear how much of an impact diabetes may have on the production of healthy sperm seeing how the effects of diabetes, not the disease itself, could be part of the blame. It is known however that men and women with diabetes have had no trouble in the past getting pregnant. That being said, it is thought by most doctors that diabetes isn’t the cause for infertility in the males who do have it and exude signs of low sperm count. Instead, diabetic men may very well suffer from low to no sperm count to to the many countless reasons other men without diabetes do.

Diabetes and male fertility may go hand in hand but until more adequate research is done, we may never know if the low sperm count in some diabetic males is due to the disease or other reasons not connected.

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