Satisfy Sexually – How To Please Any Woman In Bed

It takes a special kind of guy who looks for any opportunity to gain knowledge about how he can satisfy sexually the woman in his life. It’s this type of selflessness that makes a great lover and with the right information and determination, ANY man can learn how to be great in bed! I would assume the best way to learn how to turn a woman on is to actually ask a woman but since there is no room for a question and answer session in this article, let me offer my female advice on what it is women are looking for and what it is that most men lack. I know, sounds harsh, but the truth must be told if you want to better your chances at giving a woman a great romp in the sack!

Guys, I’m not sure where it was the act of “fingering” first made it’s debut in the bedroom but I can tell you now, you need to eliminate it! It’s one thing if you can master the gentle, circular strokes to the clitoris but anything other than that is useless, can be painful and can even dry us up down there with regard to our natural lubrication! Just like the head of your penis houses most of the nerve endings associated with your orgasm, as does the clitoris house the same type of sensation. You know what it feels like if we are rough on a dry penis, now amplify that by 100 and that’s how it feels for us. It’s not pleasant, please don’t do it!

If you are the type of guy that finds himself getting off before his woman a majority of the time, perhaps it would be a good idea to find a way to increase your sexual stamina. It takes a lot longer for us women to get off and if you can’t last long enough to see to it that we get ours then there will definitely be frustration! There are several types of exercises that if performed daily can help you to control your orgasm. There’s also the option of vitamins and lotions that can be found online or even at your local pharmacy. It’s up to you to choose what works best for you!

Women love oral sex and as a matter of fact have more of a chance at getting off if you please us that way! Because the clitoris play such a big role in bringing us to orgasm, by stimulating it you can pretty much guarantee that we will come every time! This can be a big help to you in the endurance department as well, use it as a form of foreplay and you’ll have a better chance at getting us off when you introduce penetration.

Don’t skip out on the foreplay! Us ladies need that time to become aroused and lubricated properly to be ready for penetration. Most of us are receptive to touch in even the most obscure places like behind our knees, the crease of our elbows and on the back of our necks. Be creative, but make sure you utilize the time!

You don’t have to be with a thousand partners in order to learn how to satisfy sexually any woman. You just need to know what is is that women really want and then apply the information! Contrary to popular belief we are not looking for a marathon love making session, we just need you to last long enough to please us. Use the information listed above and you’ll be well on your way to becoming an incredible lover!

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