Discovering Great Premature Ejaculation Cures

Premature ejaculation is a very common problem that affects men from all over the world, it not only means that their love life might be lacking, but it can also mean that their confidence can take a real knock. This leaves many people looking for premature ejaculation cures so that they will be able to satisfy their partners in bed. If you aren’t able to perform in bed then this can cause many problems in your relationship. There are a number of different forms of premature ejaculation; some men experience it before they even penetrate their partner, while other men notice it shortly after penetration. This means that the man often isn’t often able to make their partner reach climax which can leave them feeling very disappointed. A man experiencing premature ejaculation will lack the control required to last longer before ejaculating. There are three main causes of premature ejaculation that you need to consider.

Psychological Causes
Sometimes you might be anxious about your performance in bed, this can occur for a number of reasons perhaps because you have a lack of sex in your relationship. If a man experiences premature ejaculation once then they will quite often worry about the same thing happening again, while in fact it might not. This can cause performance stress which makes people worried when making love. Men that are anxious or stressed will be much more likely to experience this embarrassing condition.

Learned Behavior
Sometimes the reason for your premature ejaculation will be because of something in your previous sexual experiences. It could be from your first sexual experience, or even because you used to quickly masturbate as a teen. When you masturbated you probably did it as quickly as possible so that your parents never saw. This resulted in a learned behavior of reaching climax very quickly. Sometimes men will be nervous about sex with their partner because they are worried they will not like the experience and don’t know what they can do.

There are also some physical conditions that can cause a man to experience premature ejaculation symptoms. It has been known for some time that a deficiency of serotonin can contribute to premature ejaculation because it makes the tip of the penis much more sensitive, this will result in an earlier ejaculation.

There are many causes of premature ejaculation, which is why you need to spend time researching and finding the exact cause. When you know the cause then you can start to look at premature ejaculation cures. You will quickly find that there are many different cures and treatments that can be used to cure the embarrassing condition. The cure that will work the best for you will depend on the reason for your condition. The good thing about PE is that it’s fairly easy to treat as long as you aren’t too proud to ask for help. There are a lot of free cures for premature ejaculationDisgusted with P.E., although you can also see your doctor who might suggest you take prescription medications.

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